Biden’s Mental Capacity: The Emerging Issue

Everyone who pays attention has known for a while that Joe Biden, never an intelligent man, is in a state of cognitive decline. This is why the Democrats have been happy to keep him out of sight in his basement for the last several months.

Most voters are barely aware of Biden’s condition, if at all. But that inevitably will change. A pro-Trump PAC has taken on the issue of Biden’s dementia directly, in this ad:

The ad is fairly hard-hitting, but from Biden’s perspective, it could be worse. There are more such ads to come.

The Democrats have also announced that Biden will participate in three presidential debates. Frankly, this surprises me. I question whether he can survive them. The problem with presidential debates, for the Democrats, is that reporters can shield their candidate only so far. At some point, he has to try to answer questions. Biden can’t do that.

This is one of several reasons why I think current polls are meaningless.