“Mostly Peaceful” Protests Do a Lot of Damage

Via InstaPundit, the BBC comes through with a headline that is a classic of spin:

The London Times has the story:

Scotland Yard confirmed 14 officers were injured, two seriously, at a BLM march in central London yesterday. A female police officer who came off her horse will be off work for four months after suffering a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and shattered ribs.
Dame Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan police commissioner, described the assaults on police as “shocking and completely unacceptable” and urged protesters to stay at home during the pandemic.

In the UK, officials seem to take more seriously than here the idea that COVID is a good reason not to riot.

“This led to 14 officers being injured, in addition to 13 hurt in earlier protests this week.”

Here in the U.S., many police officers have been injured by rioters, and a few have been killed. But our corrupt press prefers to focus on its own agenda, portraying rioters, looters and arsonists as “mostly peaceful” demonstrators.

The confrontation last Monday night in Lafayette Park continues to reverberate, although probably not so much outside of D.C. That evening, federal Park Police dispersed rioters outside the White House. This morning Attorney General William Barr was on Face the Nation, where he was grilled about Monday night’s events. It is interesting to me how the interviewer postures unidentified CBS News employees as witnesses who didn’t see “projectiles” being thrown by the rioters. This clip is just a portion of the interview, but Barr acquits himself well as always.

It is obvious that the wellbeing of police officers is of zero concern to this woman, which is true of pretty much the entire journalism industry.

Meanwhile, big business is squarely on the side of the rioters, looters and arsonists. The Babylon Bee satirizes this trend with a new Nike product and marketing theme: “Just Loot It.”

The Nike Loot Force One comes packed with features the company says will help people loot safely and efficiently. From cushioned soles to make sure you make it through shattered windows without getting your feet cut to a detachable swoosh that can be thrown at business owners or police officers like a Batarang, the shoe is the ideal footwear for those looking to incite violent riots and also coincidentally get some free stuff.

“We stand in solidarity with those looting stores and getting free stuff to show how much they care about justice,” said a Nike representative. “To that end, we are releasing this $250 pair of shoes some Chinese lady made for 30 cents.”

Nike has asked looters, though, to respect Nike stores while wearing the Loot Force Ones. “Please don’t steal our shoes while you loot — let’s just say you should ‘target’ other major corporations.”

Such is the moment in history in which we are living.