Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll sizes up THE LEFTWING #WAR ON JOY. She writes:

When I was in what was then called “junior high,” I heard a very racy riddle that went: “Why are Baptists opposed to premarital sex?” Answer: “Because it might lead to dancing.” Although I probably had to look up what “premarital” meant, I “got” the irony of the joke. Much later, I read a little quip somewhere that the Puritans were “people who were terrified that someone, somewhere was having a good time.”

Oh, how easy it used to be to take potshots at the pinch-lipped “Church Lady” on SNL made famous by Dana Carvey. Though America’s Judeo-Christian roots run deep, there has always been a simultaneous strong current – particularly in the Western United States — of “live and let live” that does not much care for holier-than-thou scolds. Both Christian and Jewish scriptures inveigh against public displays of self-righteousness. How ironic, then, that the most judgmental, the most rigid, the least tolerant, are now the religion-hating loons of the left.

Happy, successful, free people are not generally people who are easy to push around. You need an unhappy, dependent, and stupid population filled with hate, envy, and rage to topple a civilization. Hence, the current #WarOnJoy waged on every imaginable front by the enemies of civilization.

I think back over 50 years ago now when one of the first volleys in the #WarOnJoy made a direct hit on me that shocked me. When I was a young child, one of my very favorite Little Golden Books was Little Black Sambo. I had never met an African, or even an African-American, at that point in my young life. The book was about a little boy and his parents in Africa. The little boy had to worry about tigers and in the story, the little black boy was SMART, BRAVE, and CLEVER and bested the tigers using his wits. That’s IT. Even at age 4, I absorbed the lesson that one could use one’s brain to fight if one was small! And he didn’t have to – as the stupid mantra goes – “look like me” for me to get the point. The book predated the movie Home Alone by over half a century, but the moral was the same!

The people who hated Little Black Sambo and made a big fuss about it had clearly never even read it. The illustrations were perhaps “stereotypical” of black people with exaggerated features. But I also had a book about “Gaston and Josephine” who were white French PIGS wearing clothes, so there might have been some artistic license there as well. We are TALKING about children’s books here! Pssst…the Cat is not REALLY in the Hat and there are no Green Eggs and Ham, though Orthodox Jews should get THAT book banned too, or risk feeling “excluded” or “marginalized.”

I guess there was a franchise eatery also called Sambos that was picketed and died a relatively quick death. Yippee Kai Yay! Nothing makes the Joy Killers happier than a business going under and employees losing their jobs. Did life get demonstrably better for black people with Little Black Sambo banned? Show me where. It was a small but telling harbinger of much worse things to come.

Think about how the leftists have spoiled every single source of joy. You like new cars? Do you fondly remember your first car? Well, then you are clearly a BAD PERSON. To quote the world’s angriest (and probably by now richest) teenager, St. Greta, “HOW DARE YOU?” Why, your love of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine have RUINED Greta’s life. She only has 7, maybe 8, years left to spend all her loot! All so YOU can get from Point A to Point B without consulting a schedule for a noisy, belching bus filled with a diverse array of losers and fare-beaters who are hoping to assault you and take your money.

Perhaps – in my opinion – the only thing more fun than a new car is a new BABY. The good folks at Zero Population Growth were willing to allow you TWO of the little critters, one more than the ChiComs. A friend with three kids out for a walk in California had one of the baby-haters come up to her and say, “Your third child is breathing my air.” Seriously. I would love to introduce her to one of my favorite commenters who calls herself “Homeschooling Mother of Eleven” and watch her stroke out. (Bonus ancient Steve Allen joke: “In China, a woman has a baby every 3 seconds…we must FIND this woman and stop her…”)

Perhaps you enjoyed sports? HOW DARE YOU? Did you not know that my entire lifetime ago, Jackie Robinson had only just broken through the color barrier in baseball? (Jackie was also a Republican, a fact not prominently displayed in his current bio.) And also just for the record, it was not Civil Rights legislation or Affirmative Action that got African-Americans in their rightful place in pro sports. It was raw freakin’ TALENT and smart business decisions by the first white owners to stand up to the racists. The teams that integrated last took years and years to catch up. That Old Invisible Hand of capitalism pimp-slapped the short-sighted racists for their bigotry. How ‘bout that?

Now, racism is so terrible in sports that multimillionaire and billionaire African-Americans completely dominate in basketball, are at least equally represented in football, if not dominant, and have been somewhat replaced (along with white guys) by Latinos in baseball. So you can see why they need to kneel for the National Anthem.

Like a great steak dinner? Well, your sins there are too numerous to list – eating animals, polluting the air with your barbecue, grazing land taking up space that SHOULD have been dedicated to kale and soybeans. The Joy Looters will “SHOULD” all over your dinner.

Enjoy a good movie? Not so fast. Are there actors in it who used to be men who now are pretend women? No? Well, that’s terrible and un-diverse. Westerns are bad; strong men are bad whether soldiers, gunslingers, or cops. White people are super bad. And the over the hill actors you used to enjoy have full-time second careers shooting their mouths off on Twitter. Cher, who has had everything on her body lifted but her IQ, weighs in with some profanity laced tirade every day.

You know why they really hate Donald Trump? (Aside from the fact that he’s just a stand-in for hating you, us, and America?) Because he’s so damn happy all the time! He loves his job; he loves the rallies, which is why they must be prevented, threatened, or ruined; he loves his beautiful wife. He loves America. This cannot stand. The professionally miserable must punish all joy, wherever it may rear its ugly head. The engine of totalitarianism is misery, rage, lust for unbridled power, and deep greed and envy.

RESIST! Commit an act of rebellion equivalent to the Boston Tea Party: BE HAPPY! But just in case that isn’t enough, arm yourself, buy ammo, and NEVER vote Democrat again!

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