California Nightmare

California has been notably free of Wuhan virus problems, compared with other heavily populated states. But today, in response to an increase in “cases” and, apparently, hospitalizations, Governor Gavin Newsom issued orders today putting California back into the deep freeze:

So restaurants, bars and theaters are closed statewide, while churches, malls, barber shops etc. are closed in 30 counties, no doubt comprising the large majority of California citizens. How long will such closures last? Presumably the spread of the Wuhan virus can be slowed, and people will once again be allowed to resume some kind of social and business life. That, in turn, will lead to an increase in “cases” and hospitalizations. Which, if Governor Newsom is consistent, will lead to another shutdown. And so on.

Is there any reason why this cycle will not continue into 2021, 2022 and 2023? At the current pace, herd immunity will not be achieved for some years. I suppose those who love to control our lives, like Gavin Newsom, purport to be hoping for a vaccine. A safe and effective vaccine is possible, but not at all inevitable; certainly not in the next year. I think we need to seriously consider whether the best policy would be to stop slowing the spread of COVID so that we will suffer damage only from the disease, and not from the disease plus, in addition, from the arbitrary dictates of our governors.