Chronicles of the Crazy Time (12)

So here are some of the news items of the day, starting with the crazy left protesting at Mount Rushmore:

Protestors otherwise known as “the Ad Hoc Committee to Re-Elect Trump.”

Kyle Smith tweets that he’d love to see Trump announce that his face will be added to Mount Rushmore after he leaves office, just to see the media and the left lose their minds.

More classic you-can-t-make-this-up headlines:

‘It’s time the wine industry stopped taking safe stances to keep its primarily white audience comfortable’

Virginia college may nix wasp mascot, fearing tie to ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestants’

Mystery Jeffrey Epstein statue found in Downtown Albuquerque

Alyssa Milano Embroiled In Blackface Scandal As Disturbing Video Comes Back To Haunt Her

Virginia Dems draft proposal to downgrade assault on police to misdemeanor

Even yoga!

Kindness Yoga called out: Weakened by coronavirus, 9 studios close after Instagram campaign exposes rift over race