Labour is sorry

The Guardian has a thorough story on the apology and payments tendered to resolve the defamation claims brought against the party by seven former employees and one BBC journalist. Running true to form, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dissents from the apology and the settlement. What an odious cretin he is.

I think that the BBC segment giving rise to the lawsuit is posted in the video below. According to the summary: “Panorama goes inside the anti-Semitism crisis gripping Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. With exclusive interviews from key insiders and access to confidential communications and documents, this is the story of how the crises developed. Reporter John Ware reveals the evasions and contradictions at the heart of the political party which leader Jeremy Corbyn says has anti-racism at its very core.”

The Guardian story includes a video with comment from the defamed BBC journalist. The BBC story on the settlement includes a video with a statement from one of the seven former Labour employees.

I can’t find a story that describes the procedural posture of the defamation cases. The caption on the BBC video states “former Labour Party staff respond to High Court ruling.” I take it that the settlement was announced in court, but it does not appear that the trial of either case had begun. I think that Labour has followed the first rule of holes in resolving the cases.