Kenosha On Fire

Rioting, looting and arson continued in Kenosha, Wisconsin for a second consecutive night. A local television station reports:

Cellphone cameras captured looters smashing out the storefront windows of businesses and then ransacking the merchandise inside.

“We’ve served a lot of people,” said the owner of Dale’s Jewelers. “We’ve been good to people, and this is the thanks you get. It’s sad. It’s sad.”

The owner of Dale’s Jewelers says thieves took approximately $200,000 worth of jewelry and caused another $200,000 in damage.

“That is not protesting,” said the owner of Dale’s Jewelers. “That is criminal. That’s criminal. All this is doing is bringing us to the brink of a Civil War.”

Nothing expresses grief over the allegedly unjustified shooting of a black man like stealing jewelry. We saw the same thing in Minneapolis, Chicago and other cities.

Rioters burned more than 50 vehicles on the lot of a Kenosha car dealer:

This was a furniture store that Black Lives Matter arsonists destroyed:

Meanwhile, more information emerged today about the Jacob Blake shooting incident. Blake was charged with sexual assault and other crimes on July 6, and I assume the officers were trying to arrest him on those charges when the shooting occurred. Also, another video emerged today, this one taken from the opposite angle from the one that circulated yesterday, so that it shows what happened before Blake started walking around a vehicle, followed by two officers with their guns drawn.

Unfortunately, the video is poor quality. But it appears that Blake was on the ground, wrestling with two officers and, I think it is fair to conclude, resisting arrest. He frees himself, gets up and walks around the car with the intent of driving away from the scene. That was where the original video picked up.

This is the new video:

Not surprisingly, the facts of the incident are still unclear. But we know there were arrest warrants out for Jacob Blake, and evidently police officers were trying to arrest him. Blake resisted, wrestling with two of the officers–I think we can tell that from the poor quality video embedded above–and, freeing himself, attempted to get into the vehicle (his, I take it) to leave the scene. When the officers failed to intercept or restrain Blake, they shot him.

That looks harsh on the video, but I’m not sure what police officers are supposed to do if they try to arrest a suspect pursuant to warrants for, among other things, sexual assault, and the suspect resists arrest, wrestling with the officers, and then disregards the officers’ instructions and manifests an intent to drive away from the scene. Should the officers say, “OK, never mind”? That apparently is the position of Black Lives Matters and many liberals, including the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin.

While some facts relating to the Blake incident remain murky, I think one thing is crystal clear: President Trump will carry Wisconsin. Once again, Black Lives Matter works its electoral magic.