Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll invents a new hashtag and commences a new campaign: #YEAH, ME NEITHER. She writes:

We already have the hashtag campaign #MeToo that encourages women everywhere to remember that time when, God forbid, a man told them they looked nice, or a co-worker put a hand on their shoulder without a notarized permission slip, or when a classmate had consensual sex with them but then failed to return their 2,093 texts. I’m guessing, just from women I have either known or observed, that legitimate #MeToo complaints run at about 5 percent. Maybe. Sure, men can be jerks, sometimes. I am, of course, not talking about actual criminal complaints, filed with the police. And neither are they.

Anyhoo, I am starting my own hashtag campaign #Yeah, Me Neither as a way to express my daily shock at the state of the world. We will begin with a few unrelated items today:

• Back when we were kids, the two somber male national newscasters in my world were Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. (We only got one channel.) Years later, I read that one of them had been a Republican and one had been a Democrat, but danged if anyone could tell which was which. Besides, back in those quaint times, both parties loved America and Western Civilization. Good times, good times.

Huntley and Brinkley were men of honor and integrity who believed that the “news” should be impartial, unbiased and deliver the 5 “w’s” – who, what, when, where and why. Did you EVER, in a thousand years, think that “journalism” would come to 24/7 one-sided, relentless bigoted bashing of the President, his 63 million supporters, his extended family, and his entire race plus any black or Hispanic people who support him? #Yeah, Me Neither.

• I have heard tell from several friends and acquaintances, that as small children they had had occasion to take some trifling item from a grocery, candy, or toy store without paying for it. Now this never happened to me – not because I was some paragon of child virtue – but because our family had a retail establishment, so shoplifting was considered a capital crime.

But the story never ended well for the people who told it to me. It seems that the pint-sized pilferers were not very professional, and their parents always found out. And, shockingly, their families also took a dim view of stealing. Often their parents were some kind of crazy Christians who took the Commandment “Thou shalt not steal” to be, well, a Commandment! The shoplifters would be forced to return to the store, confess their crime, and either pay for or work off what they took. Most midget miscreants only did it the once.

Did you EVER, in a thousand years, imagine a scene, broadcast day after day on television, of adult looters not looking even a little bit ashamed, dragging their little apprentice criminals WITH THEM through a Target to smash, grab, vandalize, and steal? #Yeah, Me Neither.

• As human beings, surely our most important single task is to protect children. And I don’t mean making them wear a helmet on a pogo stick. It is a known fact that pedophiles are considered the lowest of the low even in prisons. Everywhere but California.

Would you have believed that on their most lost and obscene day, the California legislature could pass a law specifically to make it A-OK for a NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) predator to have “consensual” sex with a 14 year old? #Yeah, Me Neither. It seems that a 10-year age gap is the largest allowed. For now. But these kinds of things are always only the opening bid. It will get much worse and inevitably lead to the following sentence being said, “But, your Honor, the little skank may only be 6, but he LOOKS 8, and he SAID he was 8 when I said that he HAD to be 8 to get the candy.” Mark. My. Words.

The very notion of a child ever being CAPABLE of giving consent is repulsive in the extreme. Especially when an adult woman, drunk, stoned and in bed nekkid with an age-appropriate inebriated male on campus is NOT considered capable of giving consent.

• Some people, used to Logical Thinking, might believe that television political pundits billed as “Republican” and paid as such would actually BE rooting for the Republicans. Haha. It’s Scorched Earth Time. No scrap of successful “Trumpist Fighting Spirit” must remain in The Party of Your Running-to-Lose Betters lest the middle class get uppity ever again and think that OUR inalienable rights are more important than illegal aliens’ rights.

Virtually NO media stars billed as “Republican” are planning to vote for the standard-bearer of the Republican Party, or even down ballot. There’s Anna Navarro, Max Boot, Jennifer Rube-Hater, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, and on and on. Mr. Kristol is actually “playing” DJT in the pretend debate practice for Biden while the Democrats continue to pretend there will BE a debate. (Imagine Cossell’s voice: “It’s The In-Trum-bent vs. Joey Sundown in the existential match called: ”The Fella Leaves the Cellah”. My goodness, fans, stop the fight! Stop the fight! Sundown can’t find the ring even holding his wife’s hand!”)

This depressing cabal of wealthy pundits and mean girls is all-hands-on-deck in putting us smelly, uneducated, dentally-challenged religious nuts in our place forever. You say you are none of those things, except religious? #Yeah, Me Neither. College grad. Bathes daily. Uses deodorant. Regular Oral Hygiene. Admits would rather kill terrorist masterminds than unborn babies, so, clearly, a religious nut.

• Finally, let us look at just a few of the planks in the radical intelligentsia’s program for American Life going forward: Skin color is paramount. Everything from dorms to Proms to Clubs and Safe Spaces must be segregated: segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. Black people cannot possibly be expected to meet any standards because ALL standards are racist. Tests are racist. The nuclear family is racist. “Middle class values” such as punctuality and hard work are racist. Likewise for linear thinking, grammar, structure, mathematics. All racist. White people (all hopelessly racist) should never even be allowed to EAT the foods that non-white people eat, or even sport hoop earrings. Coming soon: back to black and white drinking fountains! Because white people are just icky.

Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that these radical black and white deep thinkers and “revolutionaries” would crib their talking points from David Duke? #Yeah, Me Neither.