Sex Scandal Roils North Carolina Senate Race

North Carolina has played a key role in Democrats’ hopes to take control of the Senate this year. Republican Thom Tillis is considered an uninspiring figure, while the Democrats seemed to have found a strong challenger in veteran Cal Cunningham. But yesterday the news broke that Cunningham has been carrying on a torrid affair with a political consultant from California. Both Cunningham and the consultant, Arlene Guzman Todd, are married.

The affair became public when someone leaked a series of texts between Cunningham and Todd. Here they are; click to enlarge:

One wonders: do middle-aged philanderers not realize how ridiculous their lovey-dovey texts will seem to others, once they inevitably become public? Cunningham’s dalliance will expose him to moral disapproval, to be sure. But more devastating, I expect, will be the ridicule. This debacle should be enough to put North Carolina in the GOP column, and significantly reduce the Democrats’ chances of taking the Senate.