Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll follows up on her endorsement of President Trump for reelection last week with DON’T LET ALINSKY WIN!!! She writes:

After today, there is but one Friday left until the election. It has always astonished and amused me when, mere days before every presidential election, some network assembles a small but diverse group of “Undecided” voters. Now, usually, there is a STARK contrast between the candidates. Yet 48 hours before Decision Time, and after seeing 50,000 hyperbolic, apocalyptic ads from both candidates, there are always voters who are still allegedly on the fence, weighing the options. That, or fibbing to get attention.

Especially this year, if you don’t know whether you prefer law and order, border control, robust employment over welfare, non-confiscatory taxation, the First and Second Amendments OR open borders, gun-grabbing, defunding the police, and packing The Supreme Court, then, (to channel Dirty Joe), “You ain’t even someone I want to know.”

Oh, it’s not because they hold a DIFFERENT opinion than I do – some of my favorite friends and beloved relatives do — it’s the notion that they could be UNDECIDED at this late hour that makes me question their ability to participate in a meaningful way in the electoral process. Or even tie their own shoes. Imagine dining with them, waiting for them to order off the menu.

President Trump will win and get on with the business of restoring the economy, finishing the border walls, continuing the Peace Prize-nominated process of normalizing relations between Israel and the Arab World. Also working to build Opportunity Zones in the black communities so recently burned down by the Storm Troopers of the Democratic Party. Whether burning crosses or black-owned businesses, them Dems sure do love them some fire.

This awesome winning President is like an indefatigable Orange Salmon swimming upstream against the most relentless, vicious, tedious, All-Hands-On-Deck tsunami of Alinskyite Hate, Lies, and Disinformation in history, or for sure in my lifetime. What this man has endured is not even to be believed. Precious few of us could survive it. I try to keep upbeat and unbowed, but here’s some reasons why people might be tempted to just quit fighting.


That’s why every totalitarian regime on earth has used it with varying degrees of horror – from Nazi Germany to Communist Russia to Maoist China, to Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Castro and Chavez. Two million skulls here, the famous 6,000,000 there, starved, beaten, sent to frozen gulags, shot for wearing glasses, with Mao the undisputed “winnah and still champeen” at running up the score of mass murder.

On campuses 20 years later, brain-dead radicals waved Little Red Books and quoted Chairman Mao: “A Revolution is not a dinner party.” Well, okay, then! THAT pithy little aphorism would definitely explain away some 50,000,000 dead. Even today, when thugs come to your neighborhood with bats and bullhorns and you are the one arrested for confronting them with legal weapons, it tends to produce a reluctance to resist.


We have been through more than 8 months of anxiety and uncertainty from lockdowns, losing neighbors and loved ones to this Chinese Plague, losing jobs and family businesses. Who doesn’t long for peace, quiet and normalcy? I know there are good people who watched the looting, rioting, and arson in Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis who wondered, “Could it be TRUE that Trump somehow ‘causes’ all this? If there were no Trump, would this all go away?”

No. It would not; it would get much much worse. Catering to The Mob only encourages more, not less, of the same. The Mob thinks, “Well, THAT worked! What else can we demand? Oh, I know: You suburban people have no right to a home. A neighborhood safe from crime is indicative of ‘privilege’.” BLM and Antifa will riot if they LOSE, but also if they WIN. Look at L.A. after the Lakers win, the puny viewing audience of 5,000,000 consisting entirely of the Baby Mamas of the players. Rioting is what BLM and Antifa do and who they are.


Identity politics rule. Look at all the cool kids who hate Trump! Sure, many of them are now in their 60s and 70s. DeNiro, Cher, Bette, several Joys, Whoopi, Rob Reiner. How could they all be so rich, so cool and yet so wrong? My Lord, 100 “celebrities”, some of whom I had even heard of, demanded that the two Town Halls not be opposite each other. That did not go well and they had to settle for a Trump-hating banshee “moderator”.

All the social media billionaires hate Trump; all the shrieking, network news-bimbos of both genders hate Trump; at least when they can focus, they do. As even people on other planets know by now, Jeffrey Toobin got excited in a Zoom meeting and began choking the chicken, but otherwise, he hates Trump full-time. Aged rockers are once again pledging to leave when Dirty Joe loses. Stevie Nicks, who mumbles her way through lyrics the way Dirty Joe mumbles through a plagiarized speech on a Teleprompter, pledges to flat-out leave the planet! Well, that has ME convinced, missy! Too bad I already voted for DJT. Take your tambourine and FOUR proud abortions and decamp to Pluto.

As someone who has gone from Left-Wing Democrat to Conservative, I know it can entail losing long-time friends, and even losing income. It isn’t easy for people to change. For many people, the fear of not getting to sit with the cool kids in the lunchroom is terrifying.

And yet…people do have a breaking point, beyond which they will no longer kow-tow. Recently, I saw a high school baseball game clip linked from Power Line. It was announced that there would be no National Anthem. And the whole crowd decided that there WOULD. They all stood and sang, just like that iconic scene in Casablanca where, in front of Nazis, patrons at Rick’s rose and defiantly sang La Marseillaise. I cried like a baby.

For the reasons I have outlined, the MARGIN of victory for Trump could be affected. But win he will. Because enough of our fellow citizens do love America and liberty. Although, Dirty Joe could decisively win the coveted demographic of naked men in bathtubs sucking crack pipes. We’ll see. Max Cossack, the famous novelist, saw a correction on Parler saying Hunter Biden was NOT holding a crack pipe! It was a meth pipe. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I don’t know a single person who could tell me the difference. Personally, I thought it was a kazoo. Dirty Joe might want to go with that.