Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is not agonizing over the STARK CHOICES before us and is stubbornly optimistic that we will choose wisely. She writes:

Two men are running for President of the United States. Donald J. Trump has scored a perfect score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. Joe Biden does not know the name of Chris Wallace, how many grandkids he has, or even what office he is currently seeking.

Donald J. Trump has built – against the nastiest resistance imaginable from the Chamber of Commerce, the legacy media, the Democrat Party, Obama-appointed judges, and some faux Republicans – over 400 new miles of border fence, to secure our integrity as a country.

Joe Biden wants to enfranchise eleven million illegals and every one of their chain-migrating relatives. A million more are huddled at the border awaiting a Biden win. He and his party of billionaires (who don’t need insurance because they are rich beyond imagination) and basement-dwelling radicals (who are still on Mommy’s health insurance) want to give illegals FREE health care, while destroying private insurance for working citizens. Old broken promise: if you like your insurance and your doctor, you can keep them. New promise you can take to the bank: if you like your insurance, we Democrats are going to cancel it and make you pay for health care for invaders instead. Try not to get sick.

Donald J. Trump brought back a mining and manufacturing economy that was not even on life support. Obama yukked it up on television, in front of his adoring presstitutes: “Golly, gee, apparently there ARE no ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.” Joe Biden reminds us whenever he can remember Obama’s name – “you know, my boss” – that he was the vice president during this debacle. Can’t bring back good jobs? Donald J. Trump said, “Hold my Diet Coke.” And he has done it with record-shattering employment for blacks and Hispanics. They noticed.

Donald J. Trump freed the United States from dependence on foreign oil. Neener, neener, Vlad. Go pound sand, oil sheiks! Joe Biden denied at the last debate that he promised to end fracking; Trump now plays the tape at his humongous rallies. Joe has returned to his basement except for a couple of “events” with fewer people than a nerdy kid’s birthday party. Kamala and Joe TOGETHER drew not one solitary soul in Yuma, AZ.

Donald J. Trump, Literally Hitler, has not just jawboned about it to snag Jewish votes, but has ACTUALLY, you might even say, LITERALLY, moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. He and his team have begun the painstaking peace process of normalizing Arab-Israeli relations.

Donald J. Trump will never abandon the Second Amendment. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats would be happy to shred not just the First and Second Amendments, but the entire Constitution in the manner that Nancy Pelosi shredded the last State of the Union Address. (She has nice hair, though, and always wears her mask except when she doesn’t.)

Every washed-up television star, every decrepit actor who wants to work, has been part of a pro-Biden event. They threaten to leave. Or get nekkid in the sad belief that topless distracts from stupid. “Holy Cow, I WAS favoring Trump. But, the sight of Amy Schumer’s knockers has changed my mind!” Said nobody ever. Go, already, big shots. I look forward to the day when a program of humor-resistant harpies is called The View From Afar. Somalia, maybe. Let Bruce go to Australia. The Hanks family is already in Greece. Mazel tov and have a nice life. I liked all your movies, Tom, especially Splash. Rita’s too. As Curly Joe Bill said, “Well, bye.”

I noticed that the theme of one pathetic lineup of “stars” was “Joe Biden will keep us safe.” How shameful, how utterly un-American. Now, I don’t mean “unpatriotic,” because they have the right to a differing opinion without their patriotism being questioned. I used un-American advisedly and accurately. Since when has it been a high value of Americans to “keep safe”? The only safety most Americans care about is to be free from violence, arson and looting. The Democrats approve of, justify, yea, SPONSOR that violence. In reality, we are “the home of the brave,” a nation of risk-takers, entrepreneurs, soldiers and moon-walkers.

By 1776, people who didn’t want to fight to be free of British tyranny, who were fine with it, moved to Canada. They liked kings and queens and such. That’s why they have the high school graduation picture of Queen Elizabeth on their money. That’s why their national motto is NOT “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” but “peace, monitored speech, and no running with scissors.” (I may have part of that wrong…)

Famous novelist Max Cossack and I highly recommend a TV special about Lewis and Clark. Wait till you see what they risked charting a path to the Pacific Ocean in their famous Expedition. Freezing, starving, trying to live off the land and on occasion having to eat their own horses, fording raging rivers, trying to navigate AGAINST the tide of those rivers for hundreds of miles. Not a “safe space” or teddy bear in sight. Real bears. Grizzlies! They learned they could shoot them many many times and only annoy them. Uh-oh.

And, oh yeah, they had a pregnant Indian woman with them whom they had rescued from captivity whose knowledge proved critical. And shortly, because there WAS yet no Planned Parenthood, their party quickly included an actual baby, not just parts for sale! There was no GPS, not even crude maps. They did not fully grasp, for example, that the Rocky Mountains were that high or that numerous! Cross one, and there’s another one, even taller. There’s a sight to discourage the “Safety First” Crowd, trust me. The public was astonished the Lewis and Clark party returned. But no more flabbergasted than they were.

For 47 years, Joe Biden has been chowing down at the public trough like a chubby lady at Golden Corral the day before she plans to start a diet. He has never said anything original worth repeating, never done a single useful thing. Donald J. Trump is the first president since Harry Truman to be a genuine outsider. If he has rough edges, it’s because he needs them. Biden is a mean, nasty, senile, corrupt piece of work. Next to him, Trump is Sir Galahad himself. If Biden knew HOW to Tweet mean things, he would, Fat!

Once at the dinner table, my late mother-in-law (OBM), opined that Adlai Stevenson was divorced and, therefore, had not been fit to lead. Her husband (OBM) sharply replied, “Madam, you recently flew to Israel. Did you ascertain whether or not your pilot was divorced?” She got it right away and laughed uproariously at herself. She was a pip.

Donald J. Trump is piloting us out of the Swamp, away from the existential threat of socialism. He will win next Tuesday. Put your champagne on ice. He will win because Americans will see to it. All the celebrities in Hollywood could scarcely populate a small town in Texas. The NBA and NFL, likewise. Americans value liberty; we will see to our own safety.

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