Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll recommends FIGHTING BACK – WITH RIDICULE, THE TROJAN HORSE. She writes:

Frederick Douglass: “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”

An anti-gun activist I had never heard of before, one Igor Volsky, got bent outta shape back in July because Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue dared to praise President Trump in a Rose Garden ceremony and said of him: “We are blessed to have a leader like Trump.” Well, I never!! I mean, a reference to blessings that don’t come from Almighty Government AND liking Trump — This double travesty shall not stand! Igor took action!

Imagine if you will, a country in which hundreds of aging, out of work “celebrities” like Cher and Bette and Rob Reiner and Little Bobby “Lift Shoes” De Niro, and Kathy Griffin are able to say to LITERALLY HITLER that they wish him dead in a variety of extravagant ways including, but not limited to, beheading, stabbing, punching, and having sex with him. (Unless De Niro’s obsessive desire to Eff Trump means something else…) AND NOT ONE BAD THING EVER HAPPENS to the Tweeters and twerkers and twits who disrespect Hitler! Strange.

For whatever click-baity reason, Breitbart features one or another of these mush-minds every single day and reports their latest spittle-flecked Tweets. As consumers, we have the right not to read it or to read it, chuckle, and quote President Reagan, “Well, there you go again.”

And then we get on with our contented lives — working, loving, raising kids. We may vow never to see any movie with the hateful Tweeters in it. But pretty soon it’s all movies. Oh well. I have plenty of Jason Statham on DVD. And probably a minimum of 3,000 books. I have not watched a single down of football since Colonoscopy Kippersnack started kneeling, but I have friends who are not willing to give up that pleasure and that is their business entirely.

So why is it that Igor decides that Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue should not be permitted to express an opinion without losing his business and with it the livelihoods of perhaps hundreds of people? He sends the Unanue quote viral and then adds threateningly: “Make your shopping decisions accordingly.”

And then AOC retweets that sentiment, indicating endorsement, and adds her own comment that “we can now hear the sound of me Googling how to make my own adobo.” Oooh, good one, Sandy: “Stop me before I cook again!”

Well, Goya Foods’ revenues INCREASED 1000% — like unsupervised late-night Biden votes in Philly — and Mr. Unanue named AOC “Employee of the Month” for her role in that. The store I shop at doesn’t stock Goya. I had to go to Frys, where they had a Mexican Wonderland of Goya items! Several kinds of delicious beans, incredible vegan Frijoles (no lard), and a variety of great rice mixes. And, yes, “adobo,” a nice spice mix. We are now committed Goya consumers, for the great food as much as to support another Trump fan. I never would have HEARD of them had not the Intolerant Ones made a fuss. Look for it. Buy it!

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, a typical college-miseducated, humor-free drone, denies that she either “endorsed” a failed boycott of Goya products (she did) OR that Goya’s increase in sales could be attributed to conservatives buying all they could carry. She insists that those cans flew off the shelves because of President Trump’s “mismanagement” of the Wuhan Flu pandemic such that people were just buying up any ol’ cans they could find.

A silly, stupid lie from one-fourth of the silly, stupid lying Squad. The empty shelves from panic buying occurred mostly in the last couple of weeks of March and by July were long over. It is a tribute to capitalism in general and the grocery industry in particular that the supply lines were back to normal in record time. It was nothing short of a miracle.


Max Cossack, famous novelist with tens of thousands of followers on Parler, informed me that the Proud Boys took on Antifa recently and kicked some butt. Hallelujah! “Oh, dear” squeal the squishes of the world, who never said a peep about Antifa: “Violence never solved anything.” Sure, it has. It often works quite well, which is why every totalitarian government in history has used it with zeal.

Even in righteous situations, it solved the scourge of British oppression in the colonies; it solved the unspeakable travesty of keeping human beings as chattel property; it solved the attempts by Germany (twice) and Japan to conquer the world, and it has solved many an attempted home invasion or mugging that didn’t quite work out for the late thugs.

Antifa – the Democrat Party’s ironically-named fascist rent-a-mob that also doubles as for fat, ugly white girls, has been assaulting, burning, looting and engaging in mostly-peaceful ambushes for several years now, undisturbed by any legal consequences. FINALLY some righteous citizens have filled the vacuum. That was once called a posse.

A friend told me CNN claimed that “The Proud Boys aren’t even political. They are just guys who like to fight.” Most of the time, the media hacks claim the Proud Boys are white supremacists, despite its leader being a black Hispanic. I mean, the NAME ALONE is a disgrace — boys have NO RIGHT to be proud, right? Boys are icky and toxic.

They just like to fight? Well, good for them. I would join in a minute were I not only NOT a Boy, but also a liability rather than an asset. Nobody wants a short, weak woman in her mid-70s on his side in a street brawl. Especially one with a bum shoulder and plantar’s fasciitis, so she can’t even RUN, let alone throw a decent punch anymore. (“Hey, you guys, we need two more big guys over here to protect Grammo Grrrll, the Mascot.”)

I am hoping, instead, to form the Proud Crones and serve as a cook for the Proud Boys. An Army, they say, runs on its stomach. After my Brisket, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Biscuits, More Gravy, some token Broccoli to throw out later, and From-Scratch Cherry Pie with Ice Cream, an Army fed by this Proud Crone would probably just nap. Violence problem solved.

Meanwhile, I intend to give Slow Joe, Mama Doc, and Commie-la the exact same measure of respect that the Trump haters gave to my President. They made the rules.