Announcement: Live Podcast Saturday

This Saturday, “Lucretia” and I are going to record our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour in a live Zoom session open to all comers—not just VIP members. The event will go off at 4 pm Pacific time/7 pm Eastern time—which happens to coincide with happy hour just about everywhere except for our Australian listeners, except in my experience most Australians don’t need a later afternoon neon-advertised “happy hour” sign to imbibe.

How’s this for three whiskys?

Our agenda for this episode will include two new features: our two “magic numbers” to track as we proceed further into the heavily lidded Biden Era, and a segment we’re tentatively calling “Circleback Mountain.” And after covering the obligatory Weekly News in Whisky (quite a lot this week—hint in the nearby pic), we’ll continue with our American political thought seminar series, this week looking closely at the troublesome and formidable John C. Calhoun. And we’ll be taking your questions and comments along the way, so do your homework!

Here’s the link you’ll need to use to join in:

I’ll post a reminder mid-day Saturday. And for people who aren’t able to tune in live, the episode will be posted in regular podcast form Sunday morning. Perfect listening on your way to church to repent for the prior evening’s whisky.