Loose Ends (129): We’re Number 37!

Woo-hoo! A new ranking of the Top 100 Conservative Websites is out, and Power Line is #37! The ranking is based on Alexa data, and I have no idea whether that is a good method. I see that Newsbusters has climbed since last year to nudge just ahead of us, and what’s this?—American Greatness is two notches above us? Good for them, the upstarts. And I do have to wonder how we can be ranked higher than Rush Limbaugh’s site. This may be an artifact of the Alexa-based methodology behind these rankings. (Also, how can the Weekly Standard still make the rankings at all—at #90—since it no longer exists, and redirects you to the Washington Examiner?)

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that our own John Hinderaker is has received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who? Well he has, as of last week. Does this mean we have to address him now as the Marquis Hinderaker of Apple Valley, alongside the Duke of Argyle and such? Anyway, the press release is flattering:

Marquis Who’s Who, the world’s premier publisher of biographical profiles, is proud to present John H. Hinderaker with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. An accomplished listee, Mr. Hinderaker celebrates many years’ experience in his professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes he has accrued in his field. . .

Mr. Hinderaker practiced law at Faegre and Benson LLP and its successor, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, in Minneapolis, where he rose from an associate attorney in 1974 to a partner from 1981 through 2015. Originally established as Cobb and Wheelwright, the firm later became recognized as one of the largest, full-service law firms headquartered in the U.S. During his 41 year tenure there, Mr. Hinderaker developed a national litigation practice, tried approximately 100 jury cases, including a $200 million jury trial, appeared in courts in 19 states and chaired his firm’s practice standards committee from 1986 to 2001.

Subtext: Don’t mess with John.

But here’s the best part, including a terrific typo:

Additionally, Mr. Hinderaker co-founded the successful web site Power Line in 2002. Providing commentary on the news online, Power Line was recognized by Time magazine in 2004 as the first and only Slog of the Year for its role in the exposure of Dan Rather’s fraudulent 60 Minutes piece on President George W. Bush. To date, Power Line has garnered well over one billion page views.

Well, it can seem like a slog sometimes. . . Anyway, congrats to John, er,. . . The Marquis Hinderaker of Apple Valley.

Oh look—Chinese government propagandists are learning to speak Woke:

Reminds me of how Pravda saved time and effort back in the Cold War. When Soviet propagandists wanted to attack the U.S. government, they just reprinted New York Times editorials, and went to the bar for their daily vodka at 10 am.

Another completely unsurprising news story:

Walgreens shutters 10 stores in San Francisco as residents point to rampant shoplifting

Pharmacy giant Walgreens has closed its 10th store in the San Francisco area, prompting residents to blame rampant shoplifting caused by the city’s soft-on-crime policies.

The store is set to permanently shut its doors on March 17, and the move has drawn an online petition against the closure, which accrued over 200 signatures at the time of publishing. The closure is the third since mid-October 2020, and those living in the area reported brazen thefts at Walgreens pharmacies throughout their hometowns.

“All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters, ” a regular customer, Sebastian Luke, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

One October incident was caught on video as Inside Edition reporters were following a story on the rampant larcenies. A thief, donning black clothing, was seen on video scaling a counter, grabbing an air vent, and leaving the store on a scooter as shelves in the store were left bare from similar sprees.

And when the last convenience stories are gone from SF, expect the left to complain that the city has become a “retail desert” because of white privilege. Also expect that Nancy Pelosi’s premium ice cream deliveries will be unhampered.

News item: A recent Washington Post news story about the wrong kind of “diversity” in elite public schools contains these sentences:

The scope of the problem is galling: For example, Thomas Jefferson High in Fairfax County is 68 percent Asian and 21 percent White, with less than 4 percent of students identifying as Black or Latino. In contrast, the district overall is 27 percent Hispanic and 10 percent Black, while Asian students make up 20 percent of the district, and Whites 37 percent.

“Galling” that Asians are “over-represented.” Just as it was galling at Harvard 75 years ago that too many Jews were getting in. Like this:

But then this story, also from the racialist Washington Post:

As schools reopen, Asian American students are missing from classrooms

It’s happening in well-to-do Pakistani households in the suburbs of Washington and among Chinese restaurant workers in Philadelphia. It’s happening among weary Filipino nurses in Queens, Hmong refugee families in Minneapolis and in Silicon Valley’s Asian American community.

As school buildings start to reopen, Asian and Asian American families are choosing to keep their children learning from home at disproportionately high rates.

I wonder if there might be some connection going on here. You won’t learn it from this Post article, which is dumb beyond believe when you get into it.  But my hunch is a lot of Asian parents think their kids will be better off getting home schooled and not beat up by other resentful groups.

Chaser, out of Washington state:

District reclassified Asians with whites when they did too well academically

By Jason Rantz

A Washington school district removed Asian students from their “students of color” category after data showed they were doing too well academically. Instead, they were lumped in with white students. It dramatically skewed the overall academic outlook for students of color.

The resulting data was used to imply students of color — minus Asians — were doing worse than white students. Those stats coincidentally supported the district’s progressive worldview, blaming a racist society for inequity.

Only after pushback did the district reverse course, pulling the document down from their website.