Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll wonders. WHITHER FAIRNESS? She writes:

Children, while very self-centered little critters, seem to be born with an innate sense of fairness. It was one of the most common cris de coeur on the playground when I was a kid: “That’s not FAIR!!”

Oh sure, older kids could kind of bully the younger ones and make bad deals with them: “Look – I will trade you these SIX pennies for those two tiny little dimes. That’s SIX pieces of money for you and only two for me…and your money is BIGGER.” By age 3, most younger siblings were hip to this manner of being fleeced, or at least suspicious enough to run it by their attorney, named Mom. Doh! Bullies did not have playmates for long.

Like the miners’ courts in the untamed West, children on the playground settled almost all of their squabbles without any appeal to outside authority. In fact, the least popular girls in my neighborhood routinely would get their mother involved – “Now, girls, Faye here tells me that she hasn’t had as many turns at jump rope…” – and pretty soon Faye would be jumping alone with nobody to hold the ends of the rope. Simple kid justice without a whole lot of sympathy for whiners, and much less for tattle-tales.

We had elaborate rituals for settling disputes which were always considered final: catching a bat handle and taking turns putting your hands around the handle until, inevitably, somebody’s little fingers would not fit even on the top of it; guessing numbers between one and ten; and, ultimately VOTING. “It’s 6-5, MAJORITY RULES, you guys!” always won the day. No mail-in ballots, no 10 days to get your vote in after seeing how many votes were needed. The MAJORITY was sacred in Kid World. If you didn’t like it, you could walk away, hopefully without taking your bat and ball with you.

When I first started dating Max, the now-famous novelist, I learned that kids from Springfield, Illinois believed that simply shouting “OUR BALL!” in a confident manner when the ball went out of bounds in basketball, would often steamroll the opposition into agreement. The John McEnroe School of Sportsmanship. It certainly didn’t work more than the first three hundred times he pulled it on me. I wasn’t born yesterday; I was born a very very long time ago. And he was cute enough to overcome my legendary competitiveness.

When we get older, we learn that the majority is, indeed, important, but that “pure” democracy can run roughshod over the rights of the individual. As the saying goes, “Pure democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.” Adjustments were made.

And now, it seems to me, the whole concept of a “majority” is as dead as the Keystone Pipeline. In 2000, the first Same-Sex Marriage Prop was put on the ballot in ultra-liberal California and went down to crushing defeat, 61% to 38%. In 2008, with Barack Hussein Obama on the ballot, it seemed a great time to try again. It was not. In fact, right before Obama’s position on the subject “evolved,” he stated plainly at a mega-church forum that marriage should be between “one man and one woman.” It turned out that a large majority of black people agreed. And while Obama swept California, once again, the Proposition went down to defeat, 52% to 47%. An improvement, but not exactly a squeaker.

No matter. The will of the majority be damned. It would be made law by one gay judge and then ratified by the Supreme Court. Nine people overturned thousands of years of custom, tradition and Law. Now, as it happens, this is not an issue that upsets me terribly. I have known too many wretched heterosexual unions and several enduring gay ones and the fairness issue appealed to me. But that doesn’t mean that I think that it was a “no-brainer” to upset that applecart. The people who opposed gay marriage said that it would lead to sanctioning any number of unions, and they were called hopeless bigots and liars.

Well, guess what? We are now dealing with various permutations of “throuples” and, of course, trans mania. The traces have been kicked over. Sanctioning pedophilia will be next, mark my words; the propaganda mill is already working on it. But, perhaps the most important thing – and the subject of this column – is NOT to relitigate a moot point on same sex marriage, but that the clear will of the overwhelming majority was completely trampled!

And so it is on virtually every plank in the far-left Democrats’ creaky platform. The majority of the American people want secure borders; they bear no enmity to legal immigrants and probably know some illegals whom they would gladly give citizenship in trade for some Antifa thugs. The majority were very happy with American dominance of the energy industry. The majority favors Israel over terrorists; the majority believes in the sanctity of unborn life and also in the importance of both the First and Second Amendments.

The majority thinks that pregnancy flight suits for combat pilots had to be part of an SNL skit. The majority does not want pretend girls ruining girls’ sports. But the billionaire oligarchs, corporate cowards and mental defectives running every major institution in America do not care. The majority is Neanderthal and must be thwarted at every turn. The elites know better.

My question to the purveyors of Coke, the book burners, the tech giant cancellers, is this: how many “professionally offended” complainers did it take to get Dr. Seuss declared verboten? To get Mr. Potato Head emasculated? To get an objectively mandatory racist training day on “How to Be Less White”? How many? One recent Critical Race Theory major in HR? Three aggrieved nitwits? Fifty astroturf letter writers? Is there no leader in corporate America, no college president, no librarian who will stand up and say, “No. We will not be shaming MY employees for the color of their skin – we’ve seen that movie before and it’s an ugly one. We will not be banning books. If you don’t like a book, don’t buy it. If you don’t like a TV program, don’t watch it. If you don’t like a toy, don’t play with it.”

Where is anyone in charge of anything in America with a backbone to stem this tide of blatant subversion of anything even approaching majority rule? As tyrants have always learned, you can brutalize the majority for only so long. Probably longer here than elsewhere because we are all so fat and spoiled by the unlimited opportunity that is America. Many put-upon majorities historically had literally nothing to lose. We do. But will we realize just how much is already lost in time to stop the debacle? Fight back, speak out, organize, and pray.

And just for the record, do not think for a moment that the trampling of the majority means victory for the individual. These same tyrants particularly loathe individualism. But the COLLECTIVE – or a HUNDRED DIVISIVE TRIBES VYING FOR SPOILS and SCRAPS, now you’re talkin’. And, it goes without saying, with THEM in charge of access and distribution.