In search of Dawn Thorsness [success!]

Meeting Medal of Honor recipient Leo Thorsness was perhaps the most awesome experience I owe to writing for Power Line. I had the great good fortune of meeting Colonel Thorsness in the summer of 2008 through the offices of McCain campaign midwest spokesman Tom Steward (now with John’s crew at Center of the American Experiment).

As events unfolded, I ended up writing the introduction to the paperback edition of Leo’s memoir Surviving Hell on the invitation of Encounter Books publisher Roger Kimball. I told the rest of the story in the obituary I wrote when Leo died in May 2017.

Our friends at Encounter Books have a folder of photos of Leo and Gaylee Thorsness that they would like to return to the Thorsness family. I am advised they’ve tried every public email address and phone number for their daughter Dawn to no avail. Leo, by the way, dedicated his memoir to Gaylee and Dawn.

If you have any contact information for Dawn Thorsness that might facilitate the return of the photos, please write to my attention at [email protected]

UPDATE: We have heard back from Dawn and are connecting her with Encounter Books. Thanks to all of the several readers who pitched in.