Liberals Are Crazy, Part MCLXIV

I know, this is a post we could do several times a day. But here are a couple of examples of the sheer insanity of today’s Left.

First, in Ohio GOP representative Jena Powell introduced a bill to prohibit boys from competing in girls’ sports. Just a few years ago, this would have been noncontroversial, if anyone had even thought of such a thing. But today, the “trans” ideology has become an article of faith among Democrats. So Democrats in the Ohio House responded disgracefully to Rep. Powell’s bill:

Here, nutty Democrats humiliated themselves in a cause that can only be described as weird.

Not as weird, though, as what happened in Minneapolis yesterday. The Vice President of Minneapolis’s City Council, Andrea Jenkins–a trans African-American woman with a shaved head–was held hostage in her car for around two hours by a far-left–even farther-left–mob that would not let her go until (s)he signed a pledge to support their crackpot agenda.

In the end, Jenkins signed a list of demands agreeing, among other things, to “leave George Floyd Square alone,” support the creation of a civilian-led commission to oversee police, and call for the mayor’s resignation. After she signed, people agreed to step away, clearing the way for the car she was riding in to drive off.
In a statement posted on Facebook, Jenkins said she was “verbally attacked, berated and held ‘hostage’ against my will by a large group of angry protesters.”

Those who commit the crime of false imprisonment are not “protesters,” they are criminals. Yet they get what they want with no penalty other than a mild condemnation from local politicians.

The ringleader of the felons live-streamed their attack on Councilwoman Jenkins on Facebook. Here it is. Even if you think you fully appreciate how insane the Left is, the video is shocking:

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Jenkins didn’t just direct her driver (partner?) to drive away, slowly. The lunatics would have gotten out of the way.

Anyway, that is Episode MCLXIV in the craziness of liberals.