Animatronic short circuit (3)

When Joe Biden returned to the White House after his CNN town hall this past Wednesday, Daily Caller White House correspondent Shelby Talott followed up on one of the comments Biden had made. According to Biden at the town hall, Republicans are “lying” about Democratic support of the movement to defund the police.

Talcott asked Biden to clarify his comment. Biden noted he never said there is no one in the party who is anti-police: “I said that is not the Democratic Party’s position. I’m the Democratic Party. I am president. So is the Speaker of the House [Nancy Pelosi] and so is the Majority Leader [Chuck Schumer]. We are not defunding the police.”

Talcott pressed the question a bit further. Biden responded, shall we say, weirdly.

Biden’s train of thought is not readily apparent. In the Daily Caller’s straight news account, Taloctt speculated that Biden was alluding to a QAnon conspiracy theory. Naomi Lin expands on the explanation in the Washington Examiner story “Biden cites QAnon conspiracy theory to deny Democrats want to defund police.”

The explanation does not render Biden’s response any less weird. However, attributing it to an animatronic short circuit may be unduly generous.