Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll itemizes a few LIES WITH LEGS. She writes:

Some lies do not stand the test of time. Jussie Smollett was busted within days, though he has never been forced to admit he lied or apologize for his racist slanders. Power Line made its bones dismantling the lies of the Dan Rather attack on George W. in the 2004 election. Thanks again, guys, for sparing us from President Heinz Ketchup!

But, some lies are written in stone, believed and repeated forever, what is referred to in show biz as having great staying-power or “legs.” I think I was in high school when I heard the riddle, “What are the three biggest lies in the world?” Answer: 1) I’m from the government and I’m here to help. 2) The check is in the mail. There was a third, but it is not repeatable here. Some lies are egregious, but extremely malleable, depending on the need. For example, the cultural enforcers in every realm assure us that:

Gender is simply “assigned” and there are no differences between men and women.
That is why it is obvious that biological men pretending to be women have the right to compete in athletics with actual women, beat them to a bloody pulp, and then watch them shower. I know of no Woman-to-Man transsexual who has ever bested a biological man in any sport, except maybe Ice Dancing or Dressage, though I can’t confirm that.

HOWEVER, when women have to compete with men in the military and promotions and pay are at stake, suddenly we are told that the failure of the VAST majority of women to measure up to the men in physical tests means that women should only be measured against OTHER WOMEN! WUT? But, but, but, there are NO differences! As we just learned in the previous lie. On one test, with 500 being a desirable score, 66 women achieved it (and well done there, ladies!) and how many men? A couple more…31,000 to be exact. Oh dear.

Voter ID hurts Black People
For years we have been assured in hysterical tones that ANY requirement for Voter ID makes it next to impossible for a Person of Non-White Color to vote. Somehow, some sneaky, secret, supremacist way, ALL white people, no matter how slow or poor – all those “smelly, dentally-challenged Walmart shoppers the press twits mock — can manage the process. But black people cannot. Why is that, Democrats?

Democrats obviously believed that black people were too stupid to locate a place where they could get either a legal Driver’s License or just a regular picture ID. Poor, stupid ID-less ninnies could never drive or rent a car, board a plane, buy liquor, attend the Democrat Convention, or do anything that smarter people can do who can hit “nearest DMV to my location” on their Obama phone. And THAT belief’s not racist? Okie-dokie.

Despite dozens of instances of man-on-the-street interviews with ACTUAL perfectly-smart black people who looked at the interviewer like he had two heads when asked if they could locate a DMV, this ridiculous canard held sway. I cannot count the number of pale liberals who have parroted this racist notion back to me. Now that polls show that black people are MORE supportive of Voter ID than white liberals, suddenly the Democrats are saying they always loved Voter ID, Just as much as they now love funding cops. Good grief!

There is no possible way to copy ID in rural America because they have no Kinko’s
This topic was discussed at some length and mirth in Scott’s piece a few days ago on the Kinko’s Konundrum. (And who better to represent for Kink than Kackling Kamala?) Wouldn’t you love to have heard the spit-balling session where they came up with that one? “Uh, how about blacks can’t get ID because it’s too cold in November for black people to go out?” “Not in the South.” “Because black people are stupid and lazy?” “Jill, take Joe out for ice cream.” “Okay, okay, how ’bout because in rural America there are no Kinko’s?” “Oh my God, that’s genius! That’s what we’ll run with! Whistle for our lapdogs in the Media. They will all be barking that in unison within the hour.”

Let me review. Where else might a hapless rural Village Idiot go to get some important document copied if there are no Kinko’s in his village? Oh, any bank in which he or she had an account. Almost every school secretary has access to a copy machine. In rural areas, everyone knows the school secretary, and I bet Hilda or Keneesha or whoever has that job would be delighted to run a few copies for the parent or grandparent of a student.

But, even better, guess what extremely popular entity in rural America has copy machines like crazy? Churches! Churches always need a copy machine to print bulletins, service cards, prayer tree requests, and things of that nature. Rural people – black and white — go to church. Most leftists don’t go to church, so they wouldn’t know about the copy machine in the office.

Easier to get a gun than a book
The Voter ID lies would almost be laughable were they not so transparent and agenda-driven. It is on a par with the massive lie that Obama told at a memorial service for policemen slain by a Murderer of Color. Obama stood there in front of God, grieving Texas cops and families and blamed not his Party’s relentless anti-cop propaganda, but the gun.

He asserted that “it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” Never mind that the assassin was a full-grown military vet, not a kid. The media all just reported this outrageous, demonstrable lie as fact and nodded their empty heads sadly. As their brains rattled around, it must have sounded like maracas in the auditorium.

It is not the least bit difficult to get a book anywhere in America. Every Target, every Walmart, every supermarket, every drugstore, all sell them. Libraries lend them for free. You could also get every book ever written on Amazon. Ordered in seconds. Delivered the next day. The problem is not availability of books, but lack of INTEREST in them by young punks of any and all colors.

The poor frustrated, book-deprived scholars in BLM and Antifa searched with torches for a bookstore and found Uncle Hugo’s, a venerable institution in Minneapolis that featured mostly science fiction and mysteries.

And when they located those books, they burned the bookstore to the ground. It was an outrage not quite as monstrous as the burning of the library at Alexandria, Egypt, but right up there. The rest of the St. George of Floyd rioting and arson made me sick with anger, but that pointless wanton destruction made me weep.