Loose Ends (141)

So the latest lie the Bidenauts want us to swallow is that a tax on “unrealized” capital gains would only apply to billionaires. Do they really think we’ll believe this? That’s what the taxers said about the Alternative Minimum Tax in 1969: originally applied to only 155 taxpayers, it eventually applied to 5.1 million taxpayers.

If they pass this, they’re going to get some of my unrealized anger.

For the sheer unworkability of this proposal, see Henry Olsen’s latest column.

Meanwhile, good to see the Biden Administration is on top of the main issues.  At last—after 245 years—we finally have a National Gender Policy!

Let’s go Brandon!

Scenes from the crowded Long Beach harbor:

And there were way more further out to sea.

I repeat, Let’s go Brandon!