Thoughts from the ammo line

You know what Ms. Grrrll is talking about: I AM WOMAN! – AND YOU’RE PROBABLY NOT! She writes:

Okay, ladies, and the men who love us – enough is enough. You know, conservatives in general are very nice people. Probably a majority are Christians or religious Jews – undoubtedly with a few Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus thrown in — who try to live by ethical standards including include The Golden Rule.

But even the Ethical Humanists, to say nothing of the atheists and agnostics who identify as conservative, do not generally relish hurting people’s feelings for no particular reason. So often we just say nothing. It’s long past time to start speaking up, to resist idiocy. I believe the future of the Republic depends on it.

Because sometimes Tolerance – as an abstract value, cut loose from any reality – leads down a perilous road from which there is no return. Particularly when you notice that the Tolerance Road is only a very narrow one-way alleyway in which WE must “tolerate” all manner of obnoxious and aberrant behavior without the slightest courtesy in the other direction.

Oh, and that’s never the end of it, is it? How quickly does “tolerance” morph into “forced acceptance,” and the very next minute becomes “mandatory advocacy”!

I am a WOMAN. For the benefit of the most recently-appointed Supreme Court Justice – picked for the very REASON of being a woman who is also black and certainly not for her Constitutional acumen – I am an adult female with two X Chromosomes in every cell of my body. I am also a MOTHER, which is a woman who has given birth to one or more children. I fed my child for nine months with the breasts that God gave me for that very purpose. The baby weighed 20 lbs. by 5 months – he looked like The Baby Who Ate Cleveland — and his pediatrician (also a WOMAN) suggested that I had “whipped cream in there”…

One time when that baby was about 6 weeks old his Daddy had his shirt off while holding the baby and the baby all on his own decided to give “chest-feeding” a try, with extremely poor results for all concerned!

There is no such thing as “chest-feeding” no matter how many ludicrous contraptions you strap to your milky yet milk-less male chest. If breast-feeding is not a uniquely female activity, why would the male pretenders put the “chest-feeders” in the exact same place as breasts? Why not just tie the thing around your thigh or your waist? It’s because you are PRETENDING to be a woman and ACKNOWLEDGING that THIS is where the natural baby-feeders are located!

Real men, called Daddies, have been feeding babies for hundreds of years – from a bottle, not from pretend breasts. Heck, even millions of women have used bottles.

However the baby got milk, either a female animal or a WOMAN has provided the actual milk because male things cannot do that. Ever. Only women, or female animals, can produce milk. Not counting rice and almonds, of course, although you need teeny tiny milking machines to extract it and it takes thousands of almonds to make a quart. (Also, there is neither calcium nor protein in it. Oh well.)

Only women can give birth. A woman with a functioning uterus, ovaries, and a vagina who gets impregnated one way or the other by male sperm, and then has a double mastectomy, a crewcut and a stupid little beard, is NOT a MAN who has given birth. She is a woman who has lost her mind. And I absolutely shudder to think of what is going to happen to that baby.

I am not a “Cis”-anything, except I am a “Sis” to two younger siblings. I am not a bit confused and I know who I am. I am a WOMAN. And I will shout that loud and proud. I am also heterosexual, but I consider that a lucky gift, and have no problem whatsoever with the gay women I have known and befriended, loved even, who are also, in case you missed it, WOMEN who are attracted to OTHER WOMEN.

The hysterical loons who try to erase me and all women, gay and straight, are going to need a bigger eraser, because I have had it with this nonsense on stilts.

I am not an “egg producer” (those would-be hens), nor a “bleeder” (those would be hemophiliacs) any more, and haven’t been for about 20 years! And yet, I am still totally a WOMAN. To review: I am a WOMAN because of that pesky XX Chromosome deal. Even women who – for health or personal reasons – have had their ovaries and uteruses removed, so that they also neither bleed nor store eggs, are STILL WOMEN, how ‘bout that!

The parade of prideful “firsts” now includes a “first” Biden Administration employee who pretends to be a dog at times, but whose real accomplishment is as a professional luggage thief in lipstick and a dress. But he is not a dog and he is not a woman no matter how many dog collars he dons or evening gowns he steals. I sincerely hope he is fed nothing but Kibble in prison. Haha – did I say PRISON? Heavens, it’s not like he “paraded” or something, is it?

MEN – they of the testosterone and XY Chromosomes – should not be allowed to compete in WOMEN’S sports of any kind. None. Zip. Bupkis. Nada. It took decades for women to get “Leagues of Our Own.” I find it ludicrous yet telling that the International Chess Foundation does not allow men who are pretending to be women to compete in CHESS where, presumably, testosterone would not provide an advantage. And yet…and yet…somehow about 99% of the top chess players in the world are men. Hmm…odd.

But the Swimming, Weight Lifting, and even Rugby Officialdom (Rugby!) is just fine and dandy with men who cannot compete against other men, knocking their women competitors galley-west. It’s a disgrace and a shonde (disgrace in Yiddish). Someday, after all the trophies go to biological men and a few women are killed, maybe the ruling bodies will not just fold like cheap card tables to the shrieking loons and Twitter swarms and come to their senses. But that day is not here yet.

One just has to laugh at the wretched America-hating narcissist Megan Rapinoe advocating for men pretending to be women competing in soccer. Considering her “professional” team lost to a group of barely adolescent BOYS, to say nothing of Pele, that should go well. And the unmitigated GALL of the woman, now that she has her honors and money and endorsement deals, to say, “Hey, bring on the fake women!” when she won’t have to give up HER spot to a tougher, faster, stronger “woman” who is actually a MAN!

There should be no attention-addicted mental defectives in the teaching profession either. Stay away from the kids. You can be a man; you can be a gay man; you can be a woman; you can be a gay woman. As long as you do not ever discuss with students of any age what you do in your sex life. (That USED to be called a “private” life, but social media and bad manners mean that now NOTHING is private).

But you cannot be someone who is biologically one but is pretending to be the other. Worse yet are the severely mentally ill who are “fluid,” who believe it is cool to decide from day to day or even minute to minute whether they are male or female. Oh, boy, nothing confusing there for kids.

I hear Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island may be up for sale. That would be a great place for all men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men and white geezer professors pretending to be Indians and white women pretending to be black – to move to and organize your own little free-for-all pretend society. Oh, heck, we’ll even throw in Meghan Markle, a light beige, talentless ninny pretending to be oppressed, and a Player To Be Named Later.

Pretend away! But leave me out of it. As Popeye (a sailor MAN) said so eloquently: I YAM WHAT I YAM. And I AM A WOMAN!

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