Are All DEI Officers Bigots?

Featured image I think the answer to that question is Yes. In reality, the whole point of DEI is bigotry, so the fact that its exponents keep getting outed as haters is not at all coincidental. The latest case comes from Johns Hopkins, where the Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine has resigned following a hateful outburst: The Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine resigned on Tuesday after criticism stemming »

DEI Destroys CHIPS

Featured image DEI (racial and other quotas) is intrinsically evil. At The Hill, Matt Cole and Chris Nicholson reveal a shocking, practical downside to DEI hysteria: “DEI killed the CHIPS Act.” The issue is critical because Taiwan now produces 90% of the world’s advanced microchips, and China has indicated its intention to annex Taiwan in the near future. So the CHIPS Act sought to incentivize chip production in the U.S. Unfortunately, that »

Legislatures Are Coming For DEI

Featured image It is slowly dawning on liberals across America that DEI is, in most contexts, illegal. The whole point of DEI is to discriminate against disfavored groups, and in favor of preferred groups. Liberals have a hard time understanding that there is anything wrong with this, but the courts–most notably, recently, in the Harvard and UNC cases–are beginning to set them straight. In many states, legislators aren’t waiting for litigation to »

Steven Crowder Deserves Cancellation for Despicable Take on Down Syndrome Barbie

Featured image In collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society, toy manufacturing company Mattel added a Down Syndrome Barbie to their product line on Tuesday. Typically, I turn off when I hear the word “inclusion,” but in this case, I think Mattel has done a very caring and lovely thing. Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Associated Press reported that Down syndrome “is the most common chromosomal »