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Fools and Knaves

I spent the weekend in Anchorage, completely cut off from the internet and almost completely cut off from the news. My impression is that the anti-war demonstrations that took place over the weekend got mostly favorable, neutral at worst, coverage. Here are a few reminders of who was taking to the streets that I haven’t been seeing in the newspapers. »

Fools, knaves, and Knavs, Part Two

Featured image Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a front page story about how Viktor and Amalija Knavs are seeking to become U.S. citizens based (the Post thinks) on the fact that they are the parents of Melania Trump. The Post finds this scandalous because President Trump wants to change immigration law to end this form of chain migration. Today, the Post doubled down on this story. An editorial declares that the Trump’s »

Fools, knaves, and Knavs

Featured image After the 2016 election, the left and some Never Trumpers warned of dire consequences. Civil liberties would be curtailed. Court orders would be disobeyed. Russia would dictate our foreign policy. Trump would lead us into war. And that was just for starters. Nothing of the sort has occurred. Nothing close. This creates a problem for the left, its media allies, and some Never Trumpers. What happens when non-partisans realize that »

Tunes, tools, knaves and fools, take 2

The Standard has posted Hugh Hewitt’s outstanding column explicating Dick Durbin’s thoughts on Guantanamo: “Breaking the Durbin code.” Hugh performs a herculean task visiting the Augean stables of Durbin’s mind. The column valiantly performs a public service that none of the doyens of the mainstream media have even attempted. Hugh observes that Durbin’s comments last week represent “an escalation in the political rhetoric of the left, which is designed to »

Tunes, tools, knaves and fools

Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune carried the terrific column by John Kass: “On serious note, Gitmo tactics far from torture.” The column followed up on Kass’s Thursday column: “Guantanamo is no place for a pop princess.” In the earlier column Kass had some fun with the use of the music of Christina Aguilera to induce cooperation from Guantanamo detainees. Kass thought that Aguilera’s music was insufficiently atrocious and offered his own suggestion. »

Knaves, fools and Eric Cantor

Despite the headline on today’s Washington Times story on the Gorelick follies, the story prominently features the defense of her by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch as well: “Democrats rally to Gorelick’s defense.” At the bottom of the story, however, the Times quotes a letter to 9/11 Committee Chairman Thomas Kean by Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia — one of the finest members of the House, period — to telling effect: »

“Truth” and other lies (5)

Featured image Dorothy Rabinowitz is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board who also contributes excellent reviews of television programs and series to the Journal’s coverage of the arts. This past Friday, I wondered what was up when Journal film reviewer Joe Morganstern omitted any mention of the Rathergate film Truth, which had just opened in New York. Perhaps Morganstern had given way to Ms. Rabinsowitz, for now comes Ms. »

Of Rice and men

Featured image Susan Rice is the protagonist of our “Fools and knaves” series going back to the Sunday she hit the gabfests to circulate the Obama administration’s stupid Benghazi talking points in her capacity as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She is the protagonist, but she is of course supported by a cast of Obama administration all stars including her patron. She is a piece of work. Failing upward, she »

Of Rice and men, part 2

Featured image Referring to United States Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, Paul Mirengoff has been asking (here and here) whether we want a dupe as Secretary of State. Good question. On Wednesday at a UN press briefing, a reporter asked Rice to explain her view of the controversy concerning her 9/16 comments on five Sunday news shows regarding the 9/11 Benghazi attack that took the lives of four Americans. Thus spake »

Of Rice and Men

Featured image Writing of Obama’s post-election press conference this week, Paul Mirengoff noted that Obama became testy when asked about threats by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to oppose United States Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice if she is nominated to be Secretary of State. Obama advised Senate Republicans that if they want to “go after somebody, they should go after me.” He added, with disgust, that Rice is merely »

Ship of fools, part 1

This morning’s Washington Times runs the first of four excerpts from Richard Miniter’s new book on the Clinton administration’s nonfeasance with respect to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda: “Bill Clinton’s failure on terrorism.” This excerpt is based largely on the recollections of Clinton counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke regarding a key meeting to discuss striking al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in response to the bombing of the USS Cole. State »

Rice returns

Featured image In September 2012 Susan Rice made the rounds of the Sunday gabfests to promote the lie that a YouTube video prompted a riot that led to the deaths of our men in Benghazi. She was the United States Ambassador to the United Nations at the time, faithfully peddling the transparently false Obama administration line. I wrote about Rice’s performance that morning in “Fools and knaves.”. Rice’s performance perfectly represented the »

…a Few Good Guys Too

There were a few pro-Administration demonstrators, too, but on this day they were vastly outnumbered by the fools and knaves. »

Inside the CIA

Featured image The media are gingerly reporting the story broken by the Financial Times. As the New York Post puts it: A high-ranking CIA official boldly shared multiple pro-Palestinian images on her Facebook page just two weeks after Hamas launched its bloody surprise attack on Israel — while President Biden was touring the Jewish state to pledge the US’s allegiance to the nation. The CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis changed her »

On Biden’s new clothes

Featured image Reuters relates the news from Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “U.S.’s Blinken: ‘The path to diplomacy is open right now’ with Iran.” I infer that talks with the mullahs are underway in some form. Whether or not that is the case, the Biden administration is embarrassingly eager to make nice with the genocidal madmen running the Iranian regime. The gentleman from Madame Tussauds has appointed an impressive roster of knaves »

Fake news: Two case studies

Featured image I was asked by our local chapter of the Cardozo Society — an affinity group of Jewish lawyers of which I am a member — to speak over lunch as a counterpart to ABA Foundation Fellow and historian Victoria Saker Woeste on the subject of fake news at the society’s October 8 continuing legal education program. Ms. Woeste was the featured speaker. Her theme was that the term “fake news” »

The Stanford Review Is Going to Get in Trouble. . .

Featured image It’s April Fool’s Day, of course, but when colleges are dominated by humorless fools (and knaves, but knaves don’t have a Day dedicated to them, unless it is April 15), it is doubtful the obvious satire of the mighty Stanford Review today will go unpunished. This is just too good not to reprint in full here: Stanford University has repeatedly failed to address systematic issues on campus. We, the Students of »