What Will Happen In Egypt? (Bumped)

Nearly 10,000 people voted in our poll on what will happen in Egypt. The results are very interesting; click to enlarge:
The largest percentage, 39%, think the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power. The second largest group, 29%, think the Army will stay in control for years, with no democracy in sight. The relatively optimistic group weighs in at number three: 15% say that it won’t be easy, but a real democracy will emerge in a few years, after the radicals are beaten back. Here is a key point: only 1.7% believe that “there will be a smooth transition to a viable liberal democracy over the next six months.” This is significant because, to the extent that one can discern a policy in the ever-shifting pronouncements of the Obama administration, it appears to rest on the idea that pressuring the Egyptian Army to hold prompt elections and turn over power in a matter of months will lead to a functioning democracy. Our readers, a highly sophisticated group of observers, don’t agree. Neither do I.


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