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The silent second-term agenda

Kim Strassel goes where no reporter has gone before in her Wall Street Journal column on Obama’s silent second-term agenda. Strassel explores a good question. What exactly does Obama have in mind to bring us closer to utopia?

It’s a peculiar campaign the guy is running. He’s agin the varmint Romney, but what exactly does he have yet to accomplish? Strassel does a good job of shining light on dark corners (to borrow the title of the old sex primer). For more, however, don’t miss Stanely Kurtz’s Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay For the Cities.

Given the nature of his campaign and the unpopularity of his basic ideas, Obama has set himself up for a massive second-term flop, with one exception. The exception is the damage he can do on the regulatory front, which (as Strassel suggests) is considerable.

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