Nowhere left to pivot

Featured image What is the centerpiece of President Obama’s foreign policy? In my view, it’s the appeasement of authoritarian, anti-American governments. But the president’s supporters might say it’s his “pivot to Asia.” How is that pivot working out? As Paul Rahe observes, China recently has become quite bellicose towards its neighbors: [E]verywhere where one goes in Asia, an old friend who travels in high circles told me earlier this week, one senses »

On Crashes and Pilot Training

Featured image My father was a veteran pilot of both World War II and Korea, and then in the aviation business for a long time.  He always said plane crashes were caused by one of three things: maintenance error (or a fluke mechanical defect), pilot error, or weather.  I recall after the American Airlines DC-10 lost one engine from its wing and crashed after takeoff from Chicago in May 1979, dad said »

What oft was thought

Featured image The folks at Investor’s Business Daily opine on Obama’s “rubelike gaffes” in the course of the presidential tour of Burma, Thailand and Cambodia. Analyze this. IBD catches Obama receiving the kind of contempt that he himself usually specializes in dishing out to his presumed inferiors: On his trip to Cambodia, a country he claimed didn’t deserve a visit due to its strongman government, first lady Bun Rany greeted Obama with »

Don’t Look Now, But . . . South Korea?

Featured image I’ve been sequestered from the real world the last couple of days at a fascinating environmental conference with my pals at PERC in Bozeman, Montana, (featuring, among others, the fabulous Matt Ridley), so I’m behind on the news.  I’ll have some exclusive video from the conference in a couple of days after I get home and edit the footage. Meanwhile, I had to be amused at one squib on the »

Leon Panetta attempts to clean up after his President

Featured image Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has embarked on a nine-day trip to Asia, during which he will brief our allies on America’s new Pacific-oriented defense strategy. In its briefings on the trip, Defense Department officials have stressed the importance of India to U.S. strategy, noting that it is the only country specifically mentioned in the strategic guidance document. Along the same lines, Deputy Secretary Ashton Carter said yesterday in a »