Calling All Students!

All politically curious college students or recent graduates out there (or faculty members with bright students—this means especially you Jean Y!) ought to have a look at AEI’s Summer Institute, a month-long program from June 17 to July 14 that offers total immersion into the world of public policy, economics, strategy, and statesmanship.  I’ll admit that we’re inspired partly by the long-running Publius Fellows program of the Claremont Institute (and in fact the in-house manager of the AEI program is a Publius alumna).

The four week program offers four distinct tracks: economics, taught by our director of economic studies, Kevin Hassett; foreign and defense policy with Tom Donnelly and Gary Schmitt; American political leadership taught by Yours Truly; and public policy analysis, taught by a team of AEI’s top ninjas.  (I haven’t finished my syllabus and reading list yet, but it will feature examinations of the usual suspects, from the Founders through TR, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Ronaldus Magnus, etc.  Hey, isn’t there a good new book on this?)  The application deadline is March 31.

Here’s our president, Arthur Brooks, explaining the Summer Institute, along with some student endorsements from last summer:


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