The parable of Darin Wedel

John Hayward’s Human Events column — “President Obama tries to get one guy a job, and fails” — reads like a parable of the Obama administration. THe subhead calls the story told in the column “A poignant vignette from a failed administration.” It is a great column.

Hayward’s column is based on a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I see the story was also syndicated to the McClatchy chain.

If President Obama were a Republican, the parable of Darin Wedel would be a page-one story in newspapers across the country. It would be something like the parable of President Bush and the grocery scanner, with a difference: the parable of Darin Wedel is true.

Darin Wedel has not become a household name, for obvious reasons. The story doesn’t fit the preferred narrative. The parable has not appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post (although the Post devoted a fact-check column to Obama’s original exchange with Jennifer Wedel), or other organs of the mainstream media.


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