Speaking of Injuns. . .

So while we’re on the subject of Indians Native Americans, have a look at a news story in today’s Wall Street Journal on how political correctness is backfiring on the Left.  It seems the sensitivistas of Oregon have banned Indian names and Indian mascots from all high schools, at the penalty of having state aid cut to any school that does not comply.  But some people are protesting—real, honest-to-God indigenous Indian tribes.  Turns out one of the team names banned by the regulation is for a public school located on an Indian reservation.  And the Indians want to keep their team name, “The Warriors.”

Several Native American Indian tribes have figured out that suppressing images of Indians will probably lead to less consciousness about Indian heritage.  Does it really matter whether Indian images are accurate or convey the fuller story of Indians in America?  (Does Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny derive from the Bible, or relate seriously to Christian theology?  Well, maybe we’ll get back to the War on Christmas as soon as the War on Women is won.)  A lot of Indians like and are proud of Indian mascot names and warlike images.  And why should this expression of diversity be banned by guilt-stricken white liberals?  Let them do that in their own lilly-white suburban schools (which I assure you Oregon suburban schools surely are).  By the way, I’ve known several Indians Native Americans who prefer to be called “Indians.”  (Conversely, I sometimes call myself a “native American” because I was born here.)

Here’s my favorite bit from the story:

“It is the opinion of the Siletz Tribe that this ban does nothing to address the real issues of racism,” read a letter released by Diane Rodriguez, a Siletz spokeswoman. “For the Siletz Tribal community, this action has a negative impact on our students and our community. We will be forced once again to succumb to the misguided intentions of people who have no knowledge of Indian communities.”

Insensitivity!  It’s enough to give a liberal the vapors.  But then, when has “lack of knowledge” ever stopped a liberal?  There’s a reason why many Indians have long referred to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as the “Bureau of Ignorance and Arrogance.”


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