You Can’t See Michelle Obama Without Photo ID

This is one more installment in a long-running story: you need a picture ID for just about everything you do–buy beer or cigarettes, board an airplane, cash a check, drive a car, buy a fishing license, check into a shooting range, get into the Department of Justice to see Eric Holder, or most other federal buildings–but liberals claim there are millions of people walking around (they have to walk, they can’t drive) without one. I really don’t believe it, but if it were true–I heard Jonah Goldberg make this point on the radio a couple of days ago–liberals ought to be outraged by the fact that there are millions of Americans who are virtually disabled from modern life, and they should enthusiastically support legislation that 1) requires ID to vote, and 2) establishes a program to dispense an identification card for free to anyone who doesn’t already have one.

Here is one more item to add to the list: you can’t get Michelle Obama to autograph her book without “an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport).” So I guess Michelle must be a racist.

By the way, I didn’t know Michelle Obama had written a book, did you? This must be it: