Bachmann at the RJC

Minnesota Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann has been under fire lately for her letters to the Inspectors General raising concerns about the possible involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in activities of the United States government. Our small local chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition convened a get-together last night to rally around Michele. As chapter chairman Mark Miller figures, this was Rep. Bachmann’s fifth appearance before our chapter. No one else comes close.

We had a strong turnout last night and, while under fire, Michele was on fire. I recorded most of her remarks in three-minute video segments that occasionally break off as she is finishing a thought, as in her opening below. I apologize for the unfortunate breaks, but she is worth listening to and hearing out even in this imperfect vdeo form.

She opened her remarks with observations on the Obama administration’s inability to locate the capital of Israel.

Michele continued with comments on the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring.

Toward the end of her remarks, Michele discussed the State Department’s decision to provide a visa to Hani Nour Eldin, a member of an Egyptian designated terrorist group, not only to enter the country in violation of the federal laws prohibiting material support for terrorism, but to be granted a meeting inside the White House with National Security Council officials. He used the opportunity of his White House visit to call for the release of the the Blind Sheikh, currently serving a life sentence for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

My videos with the rest of her remarks last night are posted in seven more installments on our Power Line YouTube channel here. Please check them out.

To a significant extent Obama administration foreign policy undermines our friends and ingratiates our enemies. At the Minnesota chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, we seek to stand by our friends, of whom Michele is first and foremost. To contribute to her campaign, go here.