Memo to the Left: Please Boycott Power Line

A long-time Power Line reader and old drinking buddy of mine from my mis-spent youth of the Reagan years writes in with the following observations:

The whole Chick-fil-a thing got me curious about the companies that have been targeted for boycotts etc. by the Left in recent years. The results are interesting.

Wal-Mart has been targeted by the left for at least 20 years. Here’s their stock chart since Jan. 1, 1990:

WalMart Stock Price, 1990 - Present

Whole Foods was targeted by the Left in 2009 when its CEO expressed doubts about Obamacare. Here’s their stock chart since 2009:

Whole Foods Stock Chart, 2009 - Present

McDonald’s has been blasted for supposedly making kids obese. Here’s their stock chart since 2000:

McDonald's Stock Price, 2000 - Present

And, of course, we’ll always have ExxonMobil. Here’s their stock chart since the Exxon Valdez:

ExoonMobil Stock Chart, 1989 - Present

This suggests a new investment strategy: whenever the Left proposes to boycott or demonize a company, treat it as a massive buy signal.  We might even have to start our own hedge fund: how does the Power Line Socially Irresponsible Fund (PLSIF) sound for a name?

Too bad Chick-fil-a is privately owned, or I’d buy the stock.  (Note to consumers out west: another privately-owned food outlet that has conservative principles—both theologically and politically—is In-and-Out Burgers.  Best. Burgers. Ever.  Just ask Donnie.  Be sure to order “animal style.”  You In-and-Out veterans–and Big Lebowski fans–will know what I’m talking about.)