Funniest Koch Brothers Paranoia Ever

Michael Mann is the climate scientist who invented the now-notorious “hockey stick” graph, which purported to show unprecedented warming in the 20th century. The hockey stick has come and gone, but Mann lives on as one of the principal figures in the world of climate alarmism. Currently, climate realists have gone to court to try to obtain email communications that Mann, who teaches at Penn State, authored as a public employee. The university is fighting this disclosure. At the same time, Mann is suing National Review, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn for defamation. Once discovery in that case gets going, it should provide as interesting a window into the climate alarmism movement as the Climategate leaks. So Mann is a political creature.

Anthony Watts is a well-known climate realist who runs Watts Up With That, the most popular web site on climate science. On a lark, Watts created a Watts Up calendar for 2013 and sent one as a Christmas gift to Michael Mann. Here is the calendar:

That provoked this hostile response by Mann on Twitter:

Actually, as Watts explains here, he created the calendar at Costco for $15.84. It was “widely distributed” to a total of four people, and the Koch Brothers were blissfully unaware of Watts’s Costco expenditure. As one of the climate alarmists who have received billions in government funding, Mann apparently assumes the realists must be getting money from some deep pocket, too. Hence the #KochMachine.

The Koch brothers are accused of being behind some nefarious conspiracy or other on pretty much a daily basis, but this is perhaps the funniest such instance yet, raising once again the perennial question: are liberals born without a sense of humor, or do they have it surgically removed as a sort of rite of passage?