“The Perfect Gift”

It’s the holiday season, so when I get an email titled “The Perfect Gift,” I pay attention. Except this email came from the Democratic Party:

This is stunning to me. Can you imagine the Republican Party telling its supporters that partisan merchandise is the “the perfect gift” for the holidays? I can’t. Most Republicans actually believe in the holidays, which makes our concept of the ideal gift a little different. Of course, let’s not forget that the Obama campaign also suggested that couples getting married should register for contributions to the Obama campaign rather than the traditional china, etc. So the Democrats have a track record of being crass.

I think the “15% off for the holidays” pitch is a tip-off. What is going on here is that the Democrats are trying to clear out unsold inventory left over from the campaign. Like, for example, these anti-Mitt Romney mugs, which you see if you follow the link in the email:

Fellas, get a clue: the election is over. I seriously doubt that even the most rabid Democrats are interested in giving or receiving anti-Romney mugs as Christmas presents. My favorite bit of holiday paraphernalia, however, is not the mugs, but rather the “‘Democratic’ woman gray-purple bag,” which can be yours for a mere $35. Here it is:

Is it my imagination, or does she resemble Julia? If you blow the image up, you can see that the Democratic Woman is composed of various words, like strong, wise, smart, savvy, clever, determined, resourceful and competitive. Apparently, however, she is not strong, wise, smart, savvy, clever, determined, resourceful and competitive enough to pay for her own birth control. That’s the Democrats for you: they set the bar for strength, wisdom and resourcefulness very low. And they are awfully big on self-congratulation.

Somehow, I have a feeling that the Democrats aren’t going to unload a lot of their left over campaign merchandise this holiday season. I doubt that even the most hardened Democrat wants to find a hate-Mitt mug or a “Democrats” baseball cap under the Christmas tree.


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