CNN Slides Ever Lower

There isn’t much left of the CNN brand, but there is still a little room to sink deeper–and today, CNN did. Compare and contrast: CNN’s panel is excited about Chris Dorner. They can understand why lots of people think he is a “superhero.” They think his deeds were “exciting,” like a “Denzel Washington movie,” and agree that Dorner shed valuable light on the critical issue of police brutality. Their panel is more or less a Chris Dorner fan club, with one lonely exception who thinks the most salient fact is that he was a murderer:

So Chris Dorner is A-OK. On the other hand, we have Senator Marco Rubio: one of the most popular and admired leaders of his generation, a fast-rising political star who, far from being a multiple murderer, is often spoken of as a future president. However, unlike Chris Dorner he is a Republican. So he gets a considerably cooler reception at CNN:

A news network can only be a bad joke for so long before it ceases to exist. I worry, frankly, about Jake Tapper, one of the best newsmen in Washington, who has accepted what I trust was a lucrative offer to anchor a CNN show. He may be joining a ship that is not just sinking, but sunk.