Liberals and Race, Part 2

My post yesterday about liberals and racism, and the way the Left attacks any mention of “states’ rights” as code for racist oppression, brought a note from Prof. Jack Pitney at Claremont McKenna College (not to worry Jack—you’ll make the Power Line 100 roster, though maybe as a group entry since your whole department makes the cut) about how contemporary liberals have suddenly rediscovered the virtue of states’ rights in connection with . . . gay marriage.

Pitney and textbook co-author Joe Bessette note that Sen. Dianne Feinstein argued against a federal gay marriage ban in grounds of—you guessed it—states’ rights.  Such a ban she said, would “strike at the heart of states’ rights in the area of family law.”

Or how about this statement: “I believe in states’ rights.”  Says who?  Says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  Hadn’t realized that he is a racist, too.

Or how about the guy who said that a congressional ban on abortion funding for the District of Columbia (not a state) “undermines the principle of states’ rights.”   Or that the Defense of Marriage Act “interferes with states’ rights.”

Turns out that person is . . . President Obama.  I’ll leave it to Glenn Beck to take the heat for drawing the conclusion of consequent (liberal) logic here

Meanwhile, if you don’t think liberals don’t suffer from racism OCD, check out the story out of Oregon where a school official wants to scrub any mention of peanut, butter, and jelly sandwiches from scholl curricula because P,B & Js are . . . racist:

PORTLAND, Ore. – Dr. Verenice Gutierrez, a principal with Oregon’s Portland Public Schools, has become convinced that America’s “white culture” negatively influences educators’ world view and the manner in which they teach their students.

For instance, last year a teacher in the district presented a lesson that included a reference to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gutierrez says that by using sandwiches as an illustration, the teacher was engaged in a very subtle form of racism.

Remind me again who has the race problem in America?


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