Why is this ghost smiling?

Yesterday, Harry Reid told the Senate that Ted Kennedy is going “to smile at all of us” next Friday when the Senate passes amnesty legislation. Kennedy will, indeed, smile, just as he must have done when Obamacare passed.

Kennedy will be particularly gratified by the impact of chain immigration, which he championed almost 50 years ago. This phenomenon will ensure that the Schumer-Rubio amnesty legislation has a huge multiplier effect, such that (if enacted) tens of millions of extra low-skill immigrants, the vast majority of whom who can be counted on to vote for Democrats, will obtain U.S. citizenship.

Finally, if ghosts can laugh, Kennedy will get a good chuckle from the fact that a dozen or more Republican Senators have once again been snookered into joining his amnesty enterprise. Perhaps he will blow a kiss Marco Rubio’s way.

In any event, the departed dionysian will be two-for-two on his big ticket left-wing agenda items, at least in the Senate.

It’s all quite heartwarming.


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