Highs and Lows in Today’s News

The news is coming at us so fast these days that we can’t keep up. The Obama administration’s attacks on America, apart from anything else, are too numerous and too constant to rebut. I do have some more substantial posts in mind for the next couple of days, but didn’t get to them tonight because we spent the evening watching a fight card in Minneapolis. So here is a quickie: a high point, and a low one, from today’s news cycle.

The palm goes to Jeff Sessions, Washington’s most consistent voice of sanity. Currently his main focus is immigration, but that is just one of a series of issues on which Sessions has not only been right, but has been way ahead of the curve. Today Sessions said, on that topic:

Instead of trying to save the Schumer bill with a “comprehensive” accord, Republicans need to focus on helping out-of-work Americans find good-paying jobs that can support a family. The comprehensive effort underway in Congress not only provides amnesty before security measures are achieved but calls for an unprecedented increase in low-skill immigration. Our immigration system is of course broken, but the efforts we are seeing now would make things much worse – particularly for struggling workers of all backgrounds.

Is it conceivable that Paul Ryan doesn’t get that basic point? I certainly hope not.

The Bronx cheer goes to comedian/actor Jim Carrey, who issued one of the most dumbass tweets in the short history of that medium, expressing solidarity with whatever morons vandalized the Lincoln Memorial:

What an idiot! “Corporate tyranny”? Sure: someone from Apple just lined up a bunch of Android users against a wall and shot them. And WalMart just sent a bunch of armed thugs to take over the Capitol. Right. You wonder how people this stupid manage to get through the day; but then, I suppose Carrey has employees to help him do things like find his way to “work.”

Everything else in today’s news fell somewhere in between Jim Carrey and Jeff Sessions.


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