The Democrats’ Hate Campaign Continues

Over the last year or two, I have published a number of emails that I have received from the Democratic Party. My purpose is to expose the hateful, purposely ignorant tone in which the Democratic Party communicates with its faithful. There is nothing like it on the Republican side: as it is sometimes expressed, we are playing golf, while they are playing football.

Yesterday this email came in, another in an endless series designed to stir up hate and to forestall any rational consideration of public policy issues. The subject heading is “kick in the teeth.” Can you imagine the Republican Party adopting this lowbrow tone in its communications?

From: Democrats 2014
Date: July 26, 2013, 1:21:12 PM CDT
To: “Hinderaker, John H.”
Subject: kick in the teeth

John —

This is a kick in the teeth to President Obama’s agenda:

Paul Ryan just popped out of hiding and backed another round of crippling and indiscriminate cuts.

“Popped out of hiding”? Typical Democratic Party-speak. If you wonder why fine legislators like Ryan have sub-par approval ratings, look no farther. Millions and millions of voters get these Democrat emails.

This isn’t just some budget plan — a growing gang of Republicans are calling for a government shutdown unless they can get major cuts to Medicare and a complete defunding of Obamacare.

Of course, the government won’t shut down unless Senate Democrats refuse to compromise, or, if they do, President Obama vetoes the resulting spending measures. If Congress passes spending bills, it is the president who shuts down the government if he vetoes them. Here, as always, the Democrats count on their followers to be stupid. They are rarely disappointed.

We can’t back down. This moment is so critical that we’ve started an emergency Stop Paul Ryan Fund to stop the Republicans in their tracks. Right now, we need 19,000 more supporters to match Ryan’s shady special interest backers.

Name: John Hinderaker
Supporter record: 3928848
Suggested Support: $3.00

I think the “suggested support” amount derives from the fact that I once gave the Democrats $3 to test their willingness to accept illegal contributions. Their computers have never forgotten. And why those who contribute to Republican campaigns are “shady special interest backers” while those who contribute to Democratic campaigns are not, is never explained.

Chip in $3 now to the Stop Paul Ryan Fund and fight the Republican attack on struggling families.

Ha! That is rich. The Obama administration has devastated struggling American families like no administration in our history. But, of course, the Democrats won’t admit that their policies have failed; rather, they blame the devastation on Republicans, who have largely been bystanders as Barack Obama and the Democrats have enacted their disastrous agenda.

If Ryan and the Republicans get their way, almost nothing is safe. Not education or the EPA; Medicare or Social Security. There is one thing sacred to Ryan — the yachts his billionaire buddies can buy with their cushy tax breaks.

John Kerry’s yacht, of course, is entirely different. And who knows what the Democrats mean by “cushy tax breaks”? IRS data say that upper income people pay, on the average, around twice their fair share in income taxes. Presumably “cushy tax breaks” means that the government doesn’t steal 100% of their incomes. Yet. This whole Monopoly Man shtick is blindingly stupid, but the Democrats play it to the hilt, sending out messages of this sort to their supporters two or three times a week.

John Kerry's yacht, which he docks in Rhode Island to dodge taxes

We need you need to step up today so we can throw a wrench into Ryan’s massive and unnecessary cuts.

I hope to live long enough to see a massive spending cut! But it has never happened, and never will happen as long as the Democrats play any significant role in our government. What they are actually talking about here is slowing, slightly, the rate at which federal spending increases, but admitting that this is what is at stake wouldn’t raise a lot of money from the Democrats’ hysterical fans.

Thanks for standing with us.

Democrats 2014

The object of these constant communications is to create an alternative universe, which bears little relation to the world we live in, where Republicans are top-hatted villains with handlebar mustaches, and Democrats are not the sleek, corrupt fat cats of the real world, but rather heroic fighters for the common man–the same common man whom they sell down the river every day, in Congress and in the Obama administration. How Republicans should respond to this constant assault on reality is a large question to which I don’t pretend to have the answer, other than to note that it is long past time to stop playing golf.