An Epic Rant Against the New York Times [Updated]

A reader directed this broadside against an organization with a “laughable lack of self awareness.”

That would be our putative betters at The New York Times…from yet another of the absurdly unhistorical, affirmatively despicable articles on the JFK assassination and Dallas, written by people who were not even born then, have no clue and are nothing but insipid, ostensibly educated but under-learnèd shills and propagandists.

This has got to be the best line in the piece:

In 1963, Dallas was the 14th-largest city in the country,…a provincial place whose mostly white, mostly male establishment set the agenda. [emphasis added]

In other words, Dallas in 1963 was exactly like the New York Times is today! “A provincial place whose mostly white, mostly male establishment set[s] the agenda.” Hilarious!

And, of course right there in paragraph 16 (of 22) they get around to the facts of the actual event:

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marxist and not a product of right-wing Dallas.

Do tell! Funny thing, that…of course, the genuine historical fact doesn’t really matter to our chin-pulling big picture “journalists”:

But because the anti-Kennedy tenor came not so much from radical outcasts but from parts of mainstream Dallas, some say the anger seemed to come with the city’s informal blessing. [emphasis added]

Oh, really, now? “Some say,” do they?….who might they be?……and the “anger” “seemed” blah, blah, blah. Did it? How would this guy know? I repeat…he wasn’t even born?

Then: “some” were critical of the NAACP, were they? And “some” called for Kennedy’s impeachment? And this is rich:

This past February, in West Texas, the sheriff in Midland County, Gary Painter, said at a John Birch Society luncheon that he would refuse to confiscate people’s guns from their homes if ordered by the Obama administration and referred to the president’s State of the Union address as propaganda.

Would that be like the many, many Dem political authorities who openly refuse to enforce actually obtaining provisions and regulations on illegal immigration? Who openly create illegal immigrant “sanctuary cities”? And what? He called Obama’s SOTU speech “propaganda”? Absolutely hilarious! I for one am shocked!…shocked, I tell you…that an elected official would dare such lèse-majesté against His Oneness!….by calling attention to the fact that His SOTU speech was, in fact, a heavily orchestrated propaganda exercise, on behalf of His administration and New Class policies. Hey!….not unlike the New York Times itself!

And here I thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism…not so much, apparently.

And, indeed, let’s do talk about “rude displays” of presidential effrontery and climates of hate, shall we? How about Congressman Pete Stark (D–CA) on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives saying President G W Bush literally…for his own amusement…sent U.S. soldiers to Iraq to have their heads blown off. Or the insufferable Jim Webb insulting GWB to his face at a White House reception after a polite inquiry by Bush about Webb’s son? What about relentless MSM hate like this, from a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist:


Or the atmosphere of hate in every blue city, like this:


It is impossible to overstate how much they are despicable and laughable at the same time.

True. It is fun to laugh at liberals, but they continue to do a great deal of damage to our country.

UPDATE: Others are piling on the NY Times’s delusions, here and here. Lee Oswald has always been such an inconvenience for liberals, but hey: on the Left, reality is optional.


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