From Snowden with love

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden conceives of himself as a citizen of the world, or of the realm of Digitalia. He does not sound like anyone to be trusted with an assessment on our behalf the costs and benefits of the course of action he has undertaken, yet he remains the subject of adulation among our libertarian friends. That is not to say that the NSA should be free of criticism. It let a bozo like Snowden walk away with approximately everything.

Britain’s Channel 4 sought Snowden out to present its alternative (to the Queen’s) Christmas message. It is thought to have been recorded somewhere in the vicinity of Snowden’s Moscow refuge. Snowden is of course under indictment in the United States.

The video below presents ITN’s edited take, more than sufficient to get the gist. Politico covers the video here. Michael Mukasey provides a good counterpoint to Snowden in the Wall Street Journal column “Leaking secrets empowers terrorists.”

Deep thought: “Together we can find a better balance. End mass surveillance. Remind the government that if it really wants to know how we feel asking is always cheaper than spying.”


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