The Antidote for Crunchiness

Condom SquadWalking around downtown Boulder the other day on Pearl Street, I ran into the “Condom Squad,” which, as you’ll see from the nearby photo, consisted of fetching young ladies in tight black leggings  (the winter uniform of coeds these days) passing out massive quantities of free prophylactics, just in case there are any stray bananas that need covering up from the winter cold.  A “fitting job” I would say.  (Note the hat on the young lady on the right side.  Click to enlarge the photo.)  I didn’t have the courage to ask if they gave product demonstrations.

Happily I’m escaping Boulder’s crunchiness (and second-hand pot smoke) up in Montana for the weekend, at a board meeting of the good people at PERC, the Property and Environment Research Center, and if you’re not a Facebook or other follower of PERC, why not?  Anyway, their parking lot sign would be a candidate for the Week in Pictures (not to worry: already in the can for tomorrow morning), except that it is so awesome I think it needs its own post.  HE on the sign, by the way, stands for “High Emissions.”  Yeeessss!

PERC sign


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