Mark Pryor relies on a prior Pryor

This Politico story about Sen. Mark Pryor’s reelection pitch goes on for the two pages but never gets beyond the fact that Pryor’s father was a very popular politician. After serving for almost 12 years in the Senate, Mark Pryor should be embarrassed that his main claim to fame is that he’s David Pryor’s son. But when it comes to clinging to office, Pryor is probably beyond feeling embarrassed.

And he’s not only such Democrat. In key Senate races throughout the South, Democratic candidates are relying on family legacy — Mary Landrieu in Louisiana on her father Moon Landrieu; Michelle Nunn in Georgia on her father Sam Nunn, and Alison Grimes in Kentucky on her father Jerry Lundergan, a former state Democratic Party chairman and longtime party boss.

Pity Kay Hagan in North Carolina. Her father was a tire salesman.

Pryor’s opponent, our friend Tom Cotton, has an appropriately unsentimental rejoinder to Pryor’s attempt to ride his 79 year-old father’s coattails: “Mark Pryor followed his dad into politics. I followed my dad into the infantry.”

I would add that this is not Pryor’s father’s Democratic Party.