The Hayward poll

The Denver Post is taking a poll on the irreverent comments that Steve Hayward noted had made him a figure of controversy at the University of Colorado. Unlike Brendan Eich, Steve is not taking the path of least resistance and throwing himself out the window. He’s going to make them do it. Why else have a designated professor of conservative studies if you’re going to make life easy for university administration?

The Denver Post has published an editorial supporting Steve’s right to be offensive. Now the Post follows up with a poll in the left margin of its home page asking: “Do you think a recent blog post about gender issues by University of Colorado conservative scholar Steven Hayward is offensive?”

The results so far are running in Steve’s favor, suggesting he may not be corrupting the young or disrespecting the gods of the university. Steve himself would probably plead guilty to the latter, but perhaps he will not be compelled to drink the hemlock after all.


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