The Leland Yee Story, As a Free Press Would Tell It

The Leland Yee story is one of the most remarkable in years. A California State Senator, Yee has long been a leading spokesman for gun control–it’s all for the children, you know. A popular politician who represents around one-half of San Francisco, Yee was about to run for Secretary of State when he was arrested for gun running. Specifically, he acted as an intermediary to buy shoulder-fired missiles and automatic weapons from a Muslim terrorist group in the Philippines and import them into the U.S. There were other charges, too; the usual bribery, money laundering, and so on.

Now, one might think that this is a major scandal. A prominent politician, a principled advocate of gun control, turns out to be a gun runner who wants to import shoulder-fired missiles, in exchange for a large bribe. How could the networks resist a story like that?! Poor CNN has been limping along with a lousy lane closure for what, two or three years now? A dynamite story like Yee’s could put them back on the ratings map!

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention–Leland Yee is a Democrat. So no national news organization has any interest in his story. Sorry. It’s on the back pages of the local papers. This is more proof, if it were needed, that the Democratic Party’s news media are not primarily interested in ratings or profits, but in advancing the party’s narrative.

Here and there, however, we still have a few vestiges of a free press. One of them is NRA News, where Ginny Simone reports the story the way CNN should have:

Yes, it’s quite a story, and would have done wonders for those network and cable TV ratings. Too bad 95% of Americans will never hear about it.