NDTV reports: Watch Hamas in action

The journalists covering the war on Israel from Gaza haven’t captured much of Hamas’s activities and Palestinians of all stripes have promoted the theme of Israeli perfidy promoted by Hamas. The theme has even become the native tongue of the Obama administration. This morning, in any event, the Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority filed formal charges in Geneva accusing Israel of war crimes for targeting civilian areas in Gaza.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center draws attention to the report filmed by India’s NDTV (video below), showing Hamas deliberately setting up a launch site and firing a rocket from Gaza in a densely populated area next to hotels and apartment buildings. According to NDTV, Hamas mounted the attack minutes before the ceasefire went into effect this morning. That’s just how they roll.

NDTV’s report is posted here. The video is definitely worth a look.

Hamas of course uses civilians in the vicinity as human shields who will act as deterrent to an Israeli response, or become casualties of it. Hamas’s modus operandi itself violates the laws of war, not that the Obama administration is willing to deal with this elementary fact.


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