Where is liberalism going?

This past week the Heritage Foundation convened a panel of conservative intellectuals to discuss the future of liberalism in America. I became aware of the Heritage program through Andrew Evans’s Free Beacon article covering it, “Liberalism in America.” The Heritage Foundation promoted the event with this invitation:

Twenty-five years ago, marriage meant what it had always meant, Madonna was considered risqué, and liberals worried about mass immigration, threats to religious liberty and the vulgarity of pop music. The times, they have a-changed. And they will continue to change as the Left presses on.

Where will liberalism be 25 years from now? What new causes will it champion? Will it have exhausted itself or will it continue to grow bolder in its demands? Can conservatives today in any way try to preempt the future agenda of liberalism?

Join us as our three panelists discuss the main currents of modern liberalism and try to anticipate where the Left is going.

Moderated by Federalist publisher Ben Domenech, the panel included Heritage’s David Azerrad, the Claremont Institute’s Bill Voegeli and National Review’s Kevin Williamson. The program was excellent. Our own Paul Mirengoff attended and asked a good question in the question-and-answer part of the program. Williamson’s presentation (highlighted by Evans) in particular struck a chord that is consonant with themes we have pursued this year. The video is below. I think that many readers will find it of interest.


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