Questions that perplex Biden

Following up on the adjacent post, I want to note that Vice President Biden keynoted the Saban Forum conference in Washington this past Sunday afternoon. The Saban Forum is an annual event including American and Israeli leaders from across the political and social spectrum, organized by Haim Saban and the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution.

The White House has posted the text of Biden’s remarks here. The Media Research Center has reviewed the remarks and posted highlights in “Biden to Israeli media: ‘You importune me not infrequently.'” You gotta love Biden’s use of the double negative.

The MRC has also compiled the video below excerpting highlights of the vice president’s remarks. Quotable quote: “I get asked questions that perplex me. About, does the President really mean it? I get asked questions, do you mean what you say about Iran? Look, I get asked questions, does Israel know what you’re doing? Ask any of our Israeli friends here. They have been in every jot and tittle of everything we’ve thought about as it relates to engaging Iran from the very beginning.”


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