We’re number 4

I learn (via InstaPundit, of course) that Newsmax has announced its Top 50 Conservative Blogs of 2015. Accepting the award on behalf of InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds comments: “It’s always nice to be number one.”

In a competitive field, Power Line comes in at number 4. As we approach the end of our thirteenth year online, that’s not too shabby either. We try harder.

The Newsmax Top 50 demonstrates familiarity with, and appreciation of, the sites on the list. Like all such lists, it’s subject to argument — except for Glenn’s ranking as number 1. That is inarguable.

I’m taking the liberty of bringing it to your attention because the descriptions of the sites in the Newsmax Top 50 are useful; the list may make you aware of some you would enjoy and remind you of others you haven’t visited in a while.


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