Far worse than Munich

Mark Steyn appeared on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show last night in part to discuss the Iran deal (video below). At the outset they compare and contrast the Iran deal with the Munich Agreement. At his site, Mark characterizes the deal as “Far worse than Munich.” Mark thinks the comparison “unfair to Chamberlain. He was an honorable man who loved his country and just happened to get the greatest issue of the day wrong. You can’t say the same of Obama.”

I arrived at the same conclusion as Mark in “Beyond appeasement.” Mark posits a couple of theories to explain what Obama has done. Some theory is required as we struggle to understand what Obama has done and the misrepresentations he commits to defend it along the way. The result fits with several aspects of Obama’s self-conception and worldview. The result is, in that sense, overdetermined.

Via FOX News Insider.


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